Startup Kit

Your checklist when moving to Finland as a startup entrepreneur

Raise your startups in Finland

This is your checklist to begin your startup adventure in Finland. We have collected the essential information to boost you and your brilliant startup baby to success. Step on your path to Finland!

Phase 1: Applying to Finland

Phase 2: Step by step guide how to establish your company and move to Finland

Phase 3: Developing your business and personal life in Finland

Startup Kit partners


AutoAccount is highly automated bookkeeping service which supports your startup, created by Digitase.

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 Berggren provides services for the whole IP life cycle. Berggren helps your company protect intellectual property rights and differentiating factors in such a way as to create value and competitive advantage for your business. Services Berggren offers for startups:

  • IPR protection analysis
  • IPR plan for startup
  • patenting services
  • brand and trademark services
  • agreement services

More information here  and Taru Kallio-Nyholm, tel. 050 487 6799, taru.kallio-nyholm (at)




Boardio connects you with advisors and mentors from Finland to get a head start for your business. Use Boardio free features or get 50% off from Company Silver package. Use the code bobf18 when ordering the service.

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ElisaElisa Oyj

Let's change the future together! 

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and digital service company and a pioneer in new technologies and innovations. Elisa has established partnerships with over 90 startups. We are either an early customer or a sales channel with more than 2 million customers in the world's best living lab – Finland. For all startups registered in the last 6 months we offer the chance to have an introductory meeting. Simply contact us at startups (at)

For all startups registered in the last 6 months we also give a 10% discount for first 12 months on mobile subscriptions, mobile broadband and fixed broadband. Remember you need to first register your company at the Finnish patent and registration office to get a business ID.

Contact our sales on 0800 04411 and mention the code BUSINESSFINLAND for a discount and more details on the offer.

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For new international startups, Forenom offers special price on hostel accommodation in Finland: single rooms at 16€ per night (including VAT 10%) for booking over 30 days. To get the discount in the web shop, ask for the discount code from Business Finland: startupkit (at) 

For shorter stays, Forenom offers -10 % discount on all Forenom accommodation services in Finland. Whether you're looking for hostels, aparthotels or serviced apartments, we've got your easy stay covered. To get the discount in the web shop, ask for the discount code from Business Finland: startupkit (at) 



Play. Grind. Grow.
KPMG Startup Services pulls resources together like access to financial, tax and legal advice in over 150 countries in the most challenging business issues within your entrepreneurial journey from foundation of your Startup in to its Exit or IPO.

For Finnish Startup Kit members we offer Start Smart -package as a bundle for 2.000 € (+VAT).

KPMG Start Smart -package includes:

  • Review and comments on your Business Plan.
  • Preparation of a suitable shareholders agreement for your new startup & founders (consists of 8 hours of work & one commenting round).
  • Creation of the key employment contracts.
  • Registration of trademarks in Finland & EU.

KPMG Oy Ab, Jussi Paski, jussi.paski (at), +358 20 760 3920
KPMG Oy Ab, Ilkka Vuorenmaa, ilkka.vuorenmaa (at), +358 20 760 3314

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To ensure you make the right choices, you need experienced help from the very beginning. Leitzinger is specialized in providing IPR services for startups; you only need to know your business – we will take care of the rest.

  1. IPR consultation session, free of charge.
  2. Technology check + Strong patent application 4.900 €.
  3. Namecheck + EU trademark-plus package 1.600 €.
  4. IPR-buffet service: first month for free.

Contact: Leitzinger Oy, Linda Norrgård, linda.norrgard (at), +358 50 348 1950

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Maas GlobalMaas Global Oy

MaaS Global is the world's first true Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) operator with its award-winning Whim service. Whim is the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available on the market providing users with all of their transport services under a single monthly subscription.

Whim combines public transport, taxis, city bikes (in the summer of course) and cars into one service. Choose Whim and you will get 20€ travel money to get around the city. Please ask the discount code from Business Finland: startupkit (at)

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New business package – A corporate bank account and savings under the mandatory insurance policy for companies. We put everything relevant in one package to give you an easy start. 

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San Francisco OySan Francisco Oy

San Francisco provides integrated marketing & PR services for growth companies. San Francisco has produced a 7-week online course which shows you how to build PR strategy that supports your growth. Start your journey and get the first lesson free!

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Terveystalo offers versatile healthcare, occupational healthcare, medical and examination services for private individuals, companies and communities, insurance companies and the public sector.

Our services are also designed to meet the specific needs of sole traders without salaried employees. Based on our extensive knowledge of workers and working life in Finland, we also know no two entrepreneurs are alike. And that's why our services can be tailored to meet your needs. Read more.

As a new customer you are entitled to a campaign discount where you will get the Occupational healthcare general and service fees for 0 € (value up to 90 €) or the Entrepreneurs Health service fee for 0 € (value 39.40 €) for first contract year.

Ask for an offer here, remember to use the campaign code BUSINESSFINLAND.

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Volenti Partners Oy

Volenti offers trustworthy accounting in a laid back atmosphere. With state-of-the-art tools, we bring real-time accounting to your fingertips. Minimizing routines with electronic accounting software leaves us time to focus on more than the numbers – supporting your actual business. We are ready to tackle the most challenging economic tangles. Take us onboard and see your business take flight!

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We wish to have more Startup Kit partners

If you have a service which can attract and help international startups and their founders to establish and develop their business in Finland, please describe your service and what's the benefit for the startups and email your description to startupkit (at) We will be in contact with you!

About Startup Kit

The Finnish startup scene is thriving. With our vibrant startup ecosystem, unique talent pool, high commitment to R&D, support from the government and low corporate tax rates, Finland is an excellent test bed for innovative, ambitious startup teams and a great place to scale your business globally.

Finland is well-known for its innovations. One of the greatest examples is the Finnish maternity package that has been given to every expectant mother by the state for the past 80 years. The package is like a starter kit for new parents, containing all the necessary equipments for a newborn.

The aim of the package is that no matter what background the newborns have, they get the best possible start in life. Many even say that the Finnish maternity package has helped Finland to achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. 

Inspired of the impact of this innovation, from 2018 on, ambitious international growth startups will receive a Finland Startup Kit from Finland. The aim of the Startup Kit is to make Finland the country with the highest success rate of great business ideas in the world by providing the teams with the right nurturing and vitamins for success.