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This Survey was prepared by HTI PARTNER for Business Finland with the aim of identifying potential health travel distribution channels to help promote Finland’s medical services.

The Survey includes all information about health travel distribution channels: name, website, type, description, primary medical services offered (at least one of the following: Oncology; Orthopaedics; Physical Rehabilitation; Cardiology; Health Check-ups), secondary medical services offered, social media presence, customer profile, experience in Finland, competitors’ destinations represented, and contact information. Instead of annual financial volume, the Survey shows the annual number of patients for channels willing to disclose. For each channel a recommended activity, as suggested by them, for further engagement is stated.

The health travel distribution channels include the full range of health travel service providers such as medical tourism facilitators / agents, rating agencies, marketing portals / platforms, media channels, accreditation agencies and health tourism consultants, and as well tour operators and travel agencies offering health travel. Insurance companies were invited to participate in the Survey but there was no significant interest so this information was not included.

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