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New value from AI and platform economy

The AI Business program aims to make Finland the best place to research and develop artificial intelligence and platform economy. The program also targets to build global ecosystems and to attract investments in Finland.

The AI Business program accelerates the global growth of the Finnish digital service business. Artificial intelligence and platform economy can automatize currently localization-dependent operations and services. This enables Finland to provide significant international services.



AI Business is targeted at startup, SME, Midcap and large companies registered in Finland, and Finnish research organizations. Companies can apply for funding for their own development project or joint-project with other companies and research organizations.

Foreign companies are welcome to join the Finnish AI ecosystem and partner up with Finnish companies and research organizations.


For companies:

  • Funding for AI and platform economy research, for increasing the value of products and services with AI and platform economy and for development of new disruptive services
  • Funding for Proof-of-Concept
  • Support for improving know-how e.g. AI Breakfast networking and learning events and joint-events for networking with other Business Finland programs
  • Global networks and new partnerships. We are currently preparing cooperation with France and Japan
  • Providing information on suitable EU funding calls, services and partners
  • Startups and SMEs conducting a significant research project, funded by Business Finland's AI Business program, can get free computing resources (AI Computing Grant, pdf). The service is provided by the IT Center for Science CSC
  • Attracting global partners to invest in Finland and to become customers for Finnish companies
  • New information on AI and platform economy
  • Market Intelligence studies

For research organizations:

  • Funding (Co-Creation and Co-Innovation) and company partners for research e.g. in new technologies solving current AI technology short-comings (e.g. smaller amount of data, transparency, ease of use), natural language processing (NLP, especially language independent solutions), optimized human-AI-cooperation, new business models in platform economy and applying AI to new areas
  • Sharing learnings and results and networking between research projects

For public sector:

  • New information on AI and platform economy
  • Funding for innovative public procurements
  • Public procurement expertize and networks in cooperation with KEINO Competence Centre


  • To increase the competitiveness and productivity of Finnish companies by creating innovations based on artificial intelligence and platform economy
  • To increase expertise in AI and platform economy in companies, research institutions and universities
  • To improve the productivity of the public sector by acquiring new AI and platform solutions
  • To build digital private-public platforms to catalyze new innovations
  • To encourage the adoption of innovations based on AI and platform economy
  • To build competitive global ecosystems and make Finland an attractive target for investments

The AI Business program offers innovation funding, networking and internationalization services for R&D and utilizing artificial intelligence and platform economy in business.

The program will run from 2018 to 2022 with a total budget of EUR 200 million, of which Business Finland will cover appr. half. Business Finland can also fund the development of digital platforms that have a significant global networking impact.

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Head of AI Business

Outi Keski-Äijö

+358 50 5577 663
Account Lead (AI)

Aki Ylönen

+358 50 395 2603
Invest in Finland, Head of Industry

Janne Kari

+358 40 541 0580
Program Coordinator

Julia Reponen

+358 50 433 7568