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Deep tech

Deep tech startups have a huge potential to disrupt entire industries. Ambitious, cross-disciplinary research is constantly expanding our understanding of what is possible. Deep tech ventures are, in a way, the master class of startup business, since the challenges are great, the projects are long and the need for funding is considerable.

What is deep technology all about?

Business Finland supports deep tech startups that aim high, are catered with big challenges, long projects and in need of significant funding. On the other hand, there is always the potential for groundbreaking, global innovation and significant new business. Finnish deep tech startups face different commercialization challenges in their early stage. There fore, we are preparing a pilot funding application for deep technology startups aimed to support business development.

Mapping of needs

Business Finland offers startups tailormade support based on their own individual needs.

Tailored services

Together, we design a customized service path for each including Business Finland and Team Finland services.

Deep Tech Accelerator funding

Business Finland launched the Deep Tech Accelerator (DTA) pilot funding call in spring. The aim was to promote the use of research results in business operations and to accelerate both market access and international growth. The total funding consists of two phases, the first of which is an EUR 400.000 grant and the second an EUR 1 million loan. Business Finland has made funding decisions for the first phase.

An important funding service – Companies from a wide range of sectors

The aim of the pilot funding call was to identify 10 promising startups from different sectors and to gain experience on the impact of funding on the development of research-driven companies. Business Finland ultimately granted funding to a total of 17 deep tech startups. Continuation of the funding will be made based on the results of the pilot. Find out more about DTA funding .

Wanted: Best deep tech teams

Do you have a deep tech team that has been together for less than five years? Or are you just planning to set one up? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either, do you have:

  1. a business idea based on the latest scientific or industrial research
  2. major R&D projects planned or underway
  3. the opportunity to create strong IP that delivers competitive advantage
  4. a business idea with considerable international potential and strong growth prospects
  5. a committed team with a solid balance of scientific and business talent and a plan for team development
  6. high technological and market entry risk
  7. willingness and ability to raise private funding
  8. a technological breakthrough in sight

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least couple of these, please contact us.

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Deep tech advisors

Anssi Hakala

+358 50 3962 865

Industrial solutions, energy, power electronics

Tuomas Planman

+358 50 5647 983

Life science, medical devices, health IT

Aki Ylönen

+358 50 3952 603

Software, AI/Machine Learning, IoT, quantum computation, microchips/semiconducting