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E-invoicing address/EDI code: 003705126964
OpusCapita Solutions operator ID: E204503
Business ID: 0512696-4
VAT code: FI05126964

Further information:
talous (at)

More about e-invoicing services


E-invoicing address/EDI code: 003727256903
Basware Ltd. operator ID: BAWCFI22
Business ID: FI2725690-3
VAT code: FI27256903

Further information:
mailroom (at)


Invoices for innovation vouchers

The guideline only applies to funding granted before 2022:

Please send the invoice to Business Finland Oy. The invoice must contain code TKISeteli21 entered in the field Your reference. Record number must be entered in the field Orderer Identifier."


E-invoicing services

We also accept electronic attachments to e-invoices (pdf format). Invoices sent in by e-mail will not be accepted, as they are not e-invoices. No documents other than purchasing invoices may be sent as e-invoices.

Invoices in other currency

Purchasing invoices in other currencies can be sent to:

Innovation Funding Agency Business Finland
P.O. BOX 96180
FI-01051  LASKUT

Personal fees or Business Finland funding decisions

Paper invoices relating to personal fees to be accepted at the address:

Innovation Funding Agency Business Finland
P.O. BOX 69
FI-00101 Helsinki

Further information

talous (at)