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Do you want to launch your business towards new, growing and international opportunities? Become our customer. Together we'll find the best ways of working for your company.

Business Finland's services

We provide funding and expert services for companies registered in Finland that want to grow and enter the international market. You will not have access to our entire service selection right from the very beginning: instead, you will gain access to more services as you progress on your international growth path according to your goals. For service-specific criteria, please see the page on the service in which you are interested.

Start-ups and SMEs

Start-ups and SMEs that have the following can become customers of Business Finland:

  1. Finnish business ID
  2. Financial resources required for internationalization
  3. Versatile expertise and team
  4. Willingness to grow on the international market
  5. Competitive edge on the international market

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Large-scale enterprises and research organisations

Large-scale enterprises can use our services especially to renew their business or create new networks. We also fund projects by research organisations, provided that the research results can be utilized by companies and they will provide the prerequisites needed for new business and international growth.

Other services for companies

Enterprise Finland telephone service offers information about the public enterprise services and guidance on starting up your own business. The service is targeted to companies operating in Finnish markets. 

Enterprise Finland telephone service

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