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Osaka World Expo 2025 highlights Nordic values

The Nordics will participate at Osaka World Expo 2025 with a joint Nordic pavilion. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are joining forces and aim to strengthen ties with Japan and Japanese companies. Finland's participation in the joint project will be led by Business Finland.

The Nordic presence at Expo 2025 Osaka includes a joint Nordic pavilion, joint marketing activities and Nordic events. The Nordic pavilion will be an arena where new solutions can be shaped by mixing social principles, competences, and technologies from the Nordics with visitors’ ideas and initiatives. Finland will also have own industry-related activities and e.g. Finland Day to showcase the expertise in our country.

Participation concept is based on trust – Finland highlights the happiness

The Nordic societies are built on trust and countries commit to sustainability, both of which are essential pillars for building a better future. Together with our partner companies, the Nordics aim to offer an aspirational vision of what a sustainable, trust-based world could look like – we want to promote this vision globally and work towards making it a reality.

The Nordic participation is based on and will reflect the shared Nordic values and ways of working in the Nordics. Trust, optimism and collaboration are the keys to enhance partnerships in Japan and these are in the core of our Nordic concept. Finland’s national activities during Expo participation are built around happiness thematic.

Key themes of the project are Circular Economy, Mobility & Connectivity, and Lifestyle & Wellbeing. In addition, the project also incorporates cross-cutting themes Sustainability and Digitalization, that are visible in all activities of the pavilion.

Pavilion architecture and building

Designed by Italian architects RIMOND, the pavilion will be a 1 200-square-metre, 17-metre tall timber structure that evokes timelessness and sustainable thinking. It will house a Nordic exhibition area as well as a rooftop with a restaurant and a Nordic garden, in addition to other meeting spaces and a business centre. The joint pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka is an opportunity for the world to join in on the Nordic model of trust, sustainability and innovation. RIMOND has experience from previous World Expos and the winning tender is a collaboration with several partners. 

Seaview, copyright AMDLC PLC in collaboration with RIMOND

Streetview, copyright AMDLC PLC in collaboration with RIMOND

Companies invited

to join the project

For Finnish companies, Expo 2025 represents a great opportunity to benefit from the positive reputation that Finland and other Nordic countries have in Japan.

The Nordic Pavilion itself is a unique event platform built to reflect the shared Nordic values and to impress customers and potential leads in Japan. Pavilion partners will also receive significant marketing exposure and visibility during the Expo 2025.

Project is seeking partners from various industries and with different kinds of participation options from main Platinum partners to small inkind-partnerships. Companies that join the Expo 2025 project can benefit from a partnership status in the Japanese market. Project's partnership levels are Platinum 300 000 €, Gold 100 000 € and Silver 50 000 €.Please don’t hesitate to contact Deputy Commissioner General Mira Virkkunen if your company is targeting Japan and markets nearby and interested in joining the project.

What is

Osaka Expo 2025

The World Expositions

The World Expositions, or Expo, is a main venue for showcasing achievements of nations globally and a platform to share ideas for a better future. World Expos are one of the oldest and largest international events on the planet (since London 1851). They take place every five years and last for six months.

It is a festival where everyone can experience, explore, innovate, and have fun by sharing ideas and working together. They still serve as a unique global platform for companies and nations to build reputation and long-lasting partnerships.

Osaka Expo 2025

  • Japan has hosted Expos in 2005 (Aichi) and in 1970 (Osaka). Expo 2025 is the next major collective effort for the Japanese society and political leaders after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.
  • Expo 2025 Osaka's main theme is “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”. The concept is called “People’s living lab”.
  • Schedule: 13th April - 13th October 2025 (183 days)
  • Venue: Yumeshima, Osaka city, Kansai region, Japan
  • Expected number of visitors: 28 million people (Nordic pavilion: 1,7 million people)
  • Official website:


Commissioner General

Nita Pilkama

+358 40 841 1166
Deputy Commissioner General

Mira Virkkunen

+358 50 567 2000
Head of Marketing

Lotta Hanski

+358 44 976 9852