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Blog 16.11.2023

New front of clean tech

As countries are working to reach their climate targets, new opportunities for businesses will emerge: opportunities to generate new income, possibilities to improve competitiveness and save on production costs while providing suitable environment for investment. The Government of Finland is committed to meeting emission reduction targets towards carbon neutrality in the year 2035, and at the same time the Government will ensure that its decisions or policy measures do not weaken the competitiveness of businesses or increase living costs for citizens.
Minister for Foreign Trade and Development
Ville Tavio

Finland is at the forefront on carbon neutrality. Over 90 % of Finland's power generation is already carbon neutral. We want to do even better; the current government program aims at doubling our clean electricity production. For this, we need innovations and new technologies.

The Finland Pavilion at COP28 is an excellent showcase of innovative and sustainable solutions. From green steel to sustainable packaging solutions, Finnish companies demonstrate their new ground breaking innovations.

I am a firm believer that we need to listen to the private sector and to the people when striving to achieve our ambitious emission targets. While governments create policies and enabling conditions, we would not be able to achieve innovative and effective new solutions without the expertise of the private sector. Finland is ready to share our experiences, sustainable innovations and best practices.

For the first time, the COP dedicates a day specifically for trade. This is excellent! Trade can be an effective tool for clean energy solutions worldwide.

Trade in clean energy and technologies, and services should flow freely across the globe. We need more trade collaboration on all fronts: from bringing down tariffs to streamlining standards and making regulation inter-operable.

I am looking forward to hosting events at the Finnish Pavilion at COP28. The pavilion provides an outstanding opportunity for participants to get to know Finland and our excellence in cleantech innovations. I warmly welcome everyone to visit the Finnish pavilion to learn more.

There are opportunities and innovations for all countries and companies, as we transition to carbon neutrality.