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TESTiLABS is an expert on radio testing, CE/FCC/ISED certification and Country Approvals for more than 200 countries. We are ex-Nokia test experts operating ex-Nokia/Microsoft state of the art test labs and thus we are very familiar with all cellular radios, BT and WLAN. Over the years we have gained solid expertise in testing mobile phones, tablets, routers, wearables and IoT devices. Our focus area is LTE-IoT. We have already gained experience on testing products based on multiple leading radio module vendor.

In addition we provide unique Image Testing & Tuning and Field Testing services.
Our Image Testing & Tuning service makes sure you get the best possible image and video quality our from you camera HW and Image Signal Processor (ISP). TESTiLABS Field Test Service can test you product performs as is should all over the world. We have local people doing testing in US, Canada, China, India, UK, Spain, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Finland.

Last updated 30.12.2019

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