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FocalSpec is a globally operating pioneer in designing and manufacturing high accuracy optical sensors. Their sensors are currently being used in diverse, demanding applications in mobile device manufacturing. With the addition of 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA, it is possible to use the same technology not only in smart manufacturing facilities but also in R&D and metrology laboratories.

FocalSpec’s unique Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology combines 3D topography, tomography and 2D grayscale intensity imaging into one sensor. The combination of sub-micron accuracy and detection speed of millions of 3D points per second makes it superior to other quality control methods on the market. The technology is suitable for all surface types including even mirror shiny and transparent materials. With FocalSpec sensors system integrators can build unbeatable solutions for measuring 3D dimensions of PCB’s and other critical components, tomography of 3D glass, burr height in battery manufacturing, or surface roughness in printed electronics quality control, just to mention a few.

FocalSpec’s headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland. The company operates globally through subsidiaries in China and USA, and a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners.

Last updated 9.1.2019

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VP, Sales and Marketing
Sanna Rantanen