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August 25 to 29, 2023

Friday, August 25

Departures from home destinations
Arrivals at Helsinki Airport

16:30 Possibility to rest in between flights in Aspire lounge located on 3rd floor near gate 27. For the lounge access, please use booking code: ASH209201.

19:00 Meeting at the lounge entrance with your Visit Finland host and group get-together

19:55 Departure AY 487 from Helsinki 

21:35 Arrival to Kuusamo Airport

Welcome to Ruka-Kuusamo
Every visit to Ruka and Kuusamo is the beginning of a new adventure. Explore the Ruka-Kuusamo region and its nature where unique experiences come to life to the rhythm of the changing seasons. Europe's last wilderness and the cleanest air in the world combined with sauna, local wild food and services in high standard are the recipe for a successful holiday!


Check-in at Iisakki Glass Village
Iisakki Glass Village is located by the lake Rukajärvi in beautiful nature surroundings. From glass villas you may observe the northern lights, which are visible from late August to April. When needed some privacy, you can close the curtains and keep the roof window still open. Each villa accommodates two persons and villas are equipped with kitchenette and shower and toilet. 

Saturday, August 26


09:00 Ruka-Kuusamo area presentation

09:30 Ruka Safaris company presentation and Iisakki Village site inspection
Ruka Safaris is a DMC company that arranges all the needed services for groups arriving to Ruka – Kuusamo area. Company has been established in 1988.

10:45 Summer Resort Ruka company presentation, SKI INN accommodation and Ruka Bike Park site inspections
Spend an active vacation in Ruka Summer Resort and experience Ruka Bike Park, summer sled track and everything else Ruka Village has to offer.

Experience summer sled track
Ruka summer sled track is a speedy and exciting way to get to know Ruka in the summer. Take the VillageExpress chairlift up to the fell, have a break to capture the lovely sceneries over the national parks and lakes and enjoy the ride down. The summer sled track is one kilometer long and made of steel. You come down the track on a specially made sled. The track is easy to run, and everyone can choose his own speed.

13:00 Lunch at Pizzeria Ruka
Pizzeria Ruka combines the unique tastes from northern Finland to the classic italian pizza traditions. At Pizzeria Ruka we cheer up and surprise customers in a positive way with delicious food and warm-hearted customer service. Our passion for pizza, ingredients and purity serves as a starting point for experiences and stories that live from one generation to the next.

14:00 E-bike tour to Pyhävaara hill with Ruka Bike School
On this tour we cycle 10 km long round tour up to Pyhävaara hill. The Sámi people have considered Pyhävaara a holy place, and a seida, a sacred site marked by a rock, remained there until 1830. The scenery opens up from the top of Pyhävaara towards Ruka is fantastic, but Pyhävaara itself is fairly photogenic with its rough rock walls. During the trip we enjoy a snack and drinks. Modern e-bikes and make this tour easy to enjoy and help you to cycle on forest trails. Our cycle expert will guide you through the techniques of driving on forest trails, up- and down hills.

16:30 Check-in at Ruka Salonki Chalets
By the beautiful lake, under the blazing Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, there is Rukan Salonki – a private resort in the middle of Lappish nature. Stay in a magnificent log chalet or villa and put together the holiday of your dreams by hand-picking activities from our carefully curated selection.

Site inspection

Sauna hike and Sauna Tour
A stroll or a hike, to the nearby forest will prepare you for the relaxing sauna experience. Your authorized sauna guide will take you on her paths that lead through the forest to the warmth of the sauna. As treasures to highlight your sauna bath you might find herbs, bloom, twigs or something else. Bring this with you to the sauna and your sauna guide will tell you how to use it.

For Finns sauna is essential all year around. The contrast between hot sauna and cool water of the lake or fresh autumn air is invigorating. The soft “löyly” of Rukan Salonki Starsauna will ease tensions and quiet the mind for a moment. In case this is your first sauna experience, no worries, your sauna guide will tell you about the tradition of Finnish sauna. Some herbal tea is served in the sauna lounge. This is a true wellbeing from the wilderness experience that will leave you fresh and relaxed.


Sunday, August 27


09:00 Check-out and transfer to Rukapalvelu Tailored Adventures 

Rukapalvelu Tailored Adventures company presentation
We believe that the best experiences for groups and individuals take place close to nature. Whether you are organizing a customer event, a tailored meeting or educational event, or some other kind of group experience, we at Tailored Adventures Rukapalvelu can take care of all of your travel needs.

Getting gear for rafting

Family rafting with Rukapalvelu Tailored Adventures
On the 13 km route, we paddle through seven rapids. On the way, we stop to plan the best routes through the rapids. The adventure ends in Pohjantähti wilderness lodge where we enjoy freshly brewed coffee and outdoor dinner over the campfire. You can even dip in the lake for a swim!

13:15 Easy hike in Oulanka National Park with Ruka Adventures
The Karhunkierros or Bear's trail, is Finland’s most popular hiking trail that takes you to the beautiful Oulanka National Park landscapes. Along the trail, you can admire the river landscapes of the area, crumbling cliffs and majestic canyons. You can also stop to listen to the mighty sounds of the rapids on the suspension bridges found along the route. During this easy hike we do a little taster of this legendary hiking route.

Basecamp Oulanka Wilderness Hotel site inspection
Basecamp Oulanka is a lovely complex of wooden buildings providing comfortable and cosy accommodation in a stunning location overlooking Lake Juuma and backing onto Oulanka National Park, situated in a remote, wonderful, unspoiled wilderness. Here you can explore the wild Finnish nature at its best, all year round. Stay in magical surroundings enjoying a wide range of activities. We are internationally renowned for our environmental and sustainability practices.


17:45 Bear watching with Karhu-Kuusamo
The entire family can learn about bears and other large predators safely on guided bear watching tours. Bear watching is done from wooden huts with holes for cameras and binoculars. To get the bears come nearby to be seen, we just lure them with delights. The bear decides itself whether it will come and say hi or not. We feed then about 20 to 60 meters away from the huts to keep them careful towards people. In addition to bears, you can see other wild animals in the wilderness, such as wolves, wolverines or golden or white-tailed eagles. If you so wish, you can spend the entire light-filled summer night bear watching or admire bear visits only until midnight.

Take with you / Please note:
- Please wear preferably dark-coloured clothes
- It is about 200 m walking distance from the parking lot to the hut
- Camera and binoculars, we have some pairs of binoculars than you can borrow
- Take something to drink and eat with you
- Please avoid mosquito repellent or any strong perfumes as on a windless weather they will chase the bears away

22:00 Check-in Isokenkäisten Klubi Wilderness Hotel
Isokenkäisten Klubi is a family company in second generation. The Klubi is situated by the peaceful, clear-water Lake Heikinjärvi. The lodges of Isokenkäisten Klubi are surrounded by the quiet of the northern nature. We welcome you to stay in our Wilderness Hotel Kortteeri or in one of our comfortable log cabins, relax in the gentle warmth of our Seven Star Smoke Sauna, take a refreshing dip into the cool lake water, and enjoy traditional Finnish home-cooked meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients. We also have plenty of fun-filled activities to choose from – every season of the year.
Evening snack 

Monday, August 28


09:00 Isokenkäisten Klubi site inspection

10:00 Check-out and transfer to Pohjolan Pirtti

10:30 Day as a Finn with Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari
Welcome to our family ́s countryside estate to experience the Finnish lifestyle. As you arrive, we invite you to our lakeside hut for a warm welcome drink. We gather around a cozy camp fire to hear stories of the Sami, people who lived here for hundreds of years before the Finns. We then move on to our main building where we bake together: local flat bread and sweet pastries. The old oven in the more than 100 years old Pohjola family home will bake them to perfection. While you are busy with your chores, you will learn a lot of local history, traditions, people. The Pohjola family gladly shares their stories with you. Lunch of the day is served with your own flat bread and the coffee comes with your own sweet pastries.

15:00 Visit to Kujala Reindeer farm
Learn more about reindeer herding and different reindeer programs like reindeer-yoga, handicraft workshops or reindeer hike!

18:00 Check in House of Northern Senses lakeside villa and hotel
The House of Northern Senses is a beautiful 6-hectare lakeside villa & hotel by a national forest in Virkkula, an idyllic small village near the famous Ruka Village and Kuusamo town. The manor has been renovated in 2021-2022. This is a perfect place for a private holiday, family celebration or a corporate event. Premium accommodation for up to 22 people in the cozy manor with a sauna, pool area and two lakeside saunas.

Site inspection


Tuesday, August 29


05.30 Participants from the Netherlands: early check-out & transfer to Rovaniemi

09.30 Participants from the Netherlands: departure to Helsinki with AY0532

08:30 Participants from Germany: check-out & transfer to Rovaniemi

11:30 Visit to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
Santa Claus Village is located in Rovaniemi, Finland, the official hometown of Santa Claus. Santa Claus has made Lapland in Northern Finland his home for centuries, and the Arctic Circle is close to his heart because many Christmas secrets are rooted in this magical place. Santa Claus Village is a family destination with plenty to see and do for all ages.

12:50 Transfer to Rovaniemi Airport (5 min) and check-in

14:15 Departure AY 0534 to Helsinki

15:30 Arrival at Helsinki Airport

Flights to home destinations

Thank you for visiting Finland!


Friday 25.8.2023
to Kuusamo via Helsinki

Tuesday 29.8.2023 
From Rovaniemi to home destinations via Helsinki


Iisakki Glass Village

Ruka Salonki Chalets

Isokenkäisten Klubi Wilderness Hotel

The House of Northern Senses

Follow the weather


Prepare yourself for the adventure, please take with you:

• Sunglasses, suncream
• Backpack
• Water bottle
• Swimming suite for sauna
• Proper outdoor clothing including shoes (for example hiking boots) and hat
• Gloves for hikes and cycling
• Binoculars

Sustainable Travel Finland

To help the travel professionals to make more sustainable choices when creating travel itineraries to Finland, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme. The programme is designed for tourism companies and destinations in Finland to systematically adapt sustainable practices. Companies and destinations that undergo the entire programme are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

Useful links

Sustainable Travel Finland label
Sustainable Travel Tips

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