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The Eastern Finland Event will showcase the best of Lakeland. The suppliers in the workshop are DMO's, DMC's, accommodation and activity providers and after the workshop you get to experience some of the newest products in the area on post tours. 

Pick the tour you prefer and join us in the Eastern Finland Event.


WEDNESDAY 30.8.2023

Flights from home destinations to Finland
Arrival in Helsinki/Joensuu
Accommodation at Helsinki Airport Hotel/Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel


Morning flight to Joensuu
Transfer to Joensuu
Breakfast at the hotel
09:00-12:00 Joensuu sightseeing
13:30 Lunch at Hotel Kimmel for buyers and suppliers
15:00-18:00 Workshop in the conference centre of Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
19:00 Get together dinner at Hotel Kimmel 


POST TOURS 1.-3.9.2023

North Karelia and Arctic Lakeland

This fam trip will head North from Joensuu. The landscape will change more hilly, but we are still in the Lakeland region. The trip will start from Koli Hill, the National Landscape of Finland by the lake Pielinen. On Saturday we will reach the Arctic Lakeland in Kuhmo and later the Arctic Giant in Paltamo.
Route: Joensuu-Koli-Kuhmo-Paltamo-Kuopio AP
Transportation: By minibus
Flight from Kuopio to home destinations via Helsinki
DMC: Finland DMC

Northern Savo Lakeland
We will head west of Joensuu and arrive to the city of Kuopio by the lake Kallavesi. The city of Kuopio is surrounded by water and there are a lot of activities on the lake both in Summer and in Winter. During the two days we will get familiar to the diverse activities, excursions and attractions in the city and its surroundings.
Route: Joensuu-Kuopio
Transportation: By minibus
Flight from Kuopio AP to home destinations via Helsinki
DMC: GreenEscape Ltd

Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark
Breathe the clean Nordic air and learn the secrets of Finland's green forests and the largest Lakeland district Saimaa. The Saimaa UNESCO Geopark offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, canoeing, and fishing. The Geopark also is home to several historic sites, including ancient castles, churches, and museums. You will have an experience combining activities, stunning locations, wellness and culinary delights and enjoy beautiful landscape. During the fam trip we will visit Linnansaari National Park and get familiar with biking, hiking and canoeing. We will go to sauna and swimming, taste the delicacies from the surrounding nature and get to know different companies in the region.
Route: Joensuu-Oravi Village-Puumala-Helsinki AP
Transportation: By minibus
DMC: Adverento Travel Ltd

Experiences by the Lake Saimaa
Lake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and the Lakeland area. During our fam trip, we will explore different resorts like Lomamokkila, Järvisydän and Sahanlahti in the area that offer a wide range of activities and experiences. We will enjoy good food, beautiful scenery, and comfortable accommodation. We'll have visits to Kerimäki Church, the biggest wooden church in the world, Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna and Ollinmäki Winery.
Route: Joensuu-Savonlinna-Rantasalmi-Puumala-Helsinki AP
Transportation: By minibus
DMC: Savonlinna Tours Oy

Flights to and from Finland, accommodation (single occupancy), transfers and meals are covered by Visit Finland and the host cities during the event and post tours.

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