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Educational Travel Workshop and Fam Trip 7.-12.9.2023

For tour operators from India by invitation only

Welcome to Finland

Equal opportunities and continuous learning throughout life are among the guiding principles of the Finnish society. Finland differs from many other high-ranking PISA countries by having comparatively short school days, little focus on homework and exams and preference of experimental learning out in the nature. This is reflected on the satisfaction of the Finnish pupils – they stand out from their peers in terms of how happy they feel with their own lives. No wonder Finland has been selected as the happiest nation in the world already 5 times in a row!

Finland is one of the pioneers of sustainability development and the theme is also a key content in the national curriculum. In 2015, the member countries of the UN agreed upon a programme for sustainability development, and 17 detailed Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Finland has been one of the first countries to implement the programme, with local focus themes “Carbon-neutral and resource-wise Finland”, and “a non-discriminating, equal and highly skilled Finland”.

One of the main goals for the Finnish travel industry is to develop products and service structures within sustainable tourism, raise sustainability issues in tourism promotion, and to steer tourists to follow the sustainability principles when arriving to Finland. These targets are the basis for the development of Sustainable Travel Finland –programme and Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label.

During the trip, you will see how sustainability is an everyday topic made up of small, individual tasks of recycling, saving water and energy, bringing back your own garbage from the forest, respecting the learning of the local school community, and so forth. And maybe you will also discover why Finland is the happiest nation in the world?

Preliminary Program 

Thursday, September 7

07:40 Flight AY122 from Delhi to Helsinki
 Arrival at Helsinki Airport
The driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall with a sign "EDUC 2023 India & UAE"
Transfer to Helsinki City by bus
Check-in at Hotel Kämp
Free time
18:45 Meet your dinner hosts from Adventure Apes in hotel lobby
A short walk to the restaurant
19:00 Dinner in Indian restaurant Samrat  

Friday, September 8

Breakfast at the hotel

Educational travel workshop
Hotel Kämp, Paavo Nurmi 1-2, Helsinki
In this workshop, you will get to meet with Finnish educational travel suppliers from several regions.
08:30 Registration
09:00-09:15 Welcome to Visit Finland Educational Workshop
09:15-11:30 Workshop (1-2-1 meetings with Finnish suppliers)
11:30-12:30 Networking lunch
12:30-14:00 Workshop (1-2-1 meetings with Finnish suppliers)
Free time
18:45 Meet Ms Päivi Antila in front of the hotel Kämp, transfer by charter bus from the hotel to the restaurant
19:00 Dinner at restaurant Meripaviljonki
21:00 Transfer back by charter bus to the hotel  

Saturday, September 9

05:00 Lobby call
05:15 Transfer to Helsinki Airport by bus
06:00 Check-in
07:00 Departure with AY7001 to Kittilä
08:40 Arrival at Kittilä Airport
Your host Ms Kirsi Vestenius , International Sales Manager with Visit Levi will meet you at the airport 
Transfer to Levi

Welcome to Levi!
Levi is a year-round holiday destination located in Finnish Arctic Lapland 170 km north of the Arctic Circle. We are famous for the cleanest air in the inhabited world, magical nature, and unforgettable experiences. Lappish luxury is inspired by nature and spiced up by the warm hospitality of the locals.
Come and experience the unique atmosphere, Levi spirit, which Sparks your Soul!

10:00 Visit to local husky farm and horse stables
Meet the furry friends of Lapland and hear
about their life up in the North throughout the year. Also enjoy a husky kart ride in the beautiful nature around Levi weather permitting Duration ca. 1,5h

11:30 Lunch in a Lappish hut at Polar Lights Tours made of local ingredients
12:30 Experience the lovely Halipuu - Hugging Tree Forest
A small family- owned company who wanted to save their family forest from felling and decided to turn it into a safe place for people from around the planet. Enjoy the stillness of nature while relaxing in a hammock, drinks served by the Campfire Barista by an open fire and hear about nature and the importance of trees. Duration ca. 2h
14:00 Visit to Samiland Exhibition
The Samiland exhibition explores the Sami people's thousands of years of history, culture and mythology. Samiland is part of the UNESCO Observatory Cultural Village programme. Duration approx.1h
16:00 Check-in Design Hotel Levi
Design Hotel Levi invites you to another reality where design and nature intertwine. Spacious and luxurious rooms right in the heart of the Levi Village.
Free time
18:00 Inspection and dinner of Hotel Levi Panorama
With the most idyllic location slope side at Levi fell, Hotel Levi Panorama offers a variety of accommodations in spacious hotel rooms, suites, and apartments.  

Sunday, September 10

Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 Lobby call
Meet your host Kirsi Vestenius at the lobby. Departure to program
10:30 Visit to local Reindeer farm Ounaskievari
Hear the history and everyday life of the reindeer and its herders. In Northern Lapland, reindeer husbandry is still a major source of income for many
11:30 Lunch in a Lappish hut on the reindeer farm
Enjoy a lovely lunch in a cosy Lappish hut by the open fire
13:00 Visit to Levi Huskypark
Meet the furry friends of Lapland; Siberian huskys, trained movie performer like wolfdogs, foxes and reindeer and hear about their life up in the North throughout the year. Duration 1 h.
14:30 Tour of Levi
See what Finland's most popular holiday resort has to offer. Including Gondola ride to the top of Levi fell and a short scenic walk
15:30 Accommodation inspections
See different accommodation in the Levi area
Free time
17:30 Inspection and dinner at Lapland Hotels Sirkantähti
Located in the center of everything in Levi fell village, the hotel offers versatile accommodation options with 70 hotel rooms and many different sized apartments. The reception, cafe and restaurant are all decorated with soft tones, making them a single open, airy space
20:00 Evening program with Safartica
Dip yourself into a lake, let your mind and body float while wearing a rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. Will you be lucky enough to see some Auroras? Enjoy some warm drinks. Duration ca. 3,5h 

Monday, September 11

Breakfast at the hotel
08:45 Lobby call
Your host for the day Ms Elisa Mäkitalo +358 40 6389520 will meet you in the hotel lobby. Departure to the program
09:30 Visit to local library
Public libraries in Finland are a service guaranteed by law. In addition to municipal libraries, there is a network of regional central libraries and university and other academic libraries, together with a handful of special libraries, such as a library for the visually impaired that is maintained by the state. The libraries are inter-networked. The services offered by all libraries are available for everyone living in Finland through inter-library loans. The aim is to place library services within the reach of all, regardless of age, domicile or state of health.
11:00 Inspection of Kittilä's educational system
Visit to local school and meeting the staff; get to know the Finnish educational system and enjoy lunch. Finland was the first country in the world to serve free school meals. The Basic Education Act states that pupils attending school must be provided with a properly organised and supervised, balanced meal free of charge every school day. The objective is to maintain and improve pupils' health and well-being and to give them energy for their school work. Duration ca. 2h
14:00 Inspection of Levi Spirit Villas
Modern design mingles with only the best natural materials and the large windows of the villas bring the serene surroundings indoors to form a part of the decor
15:00 The Purest Air in the World and Finnish National Parks
Hear why we have scientifically proven the purest air in the world and hear about the operations of Metsähallitus. A state-owned enterprise that produces environmental services for a diverse customer base ranging from private individuals to major companies. Duration ca. 1,5h
Free time
18:00 Inspection and Dinner at Break Sokos Hotel Levi
Enjoy a delicious dinner of Lappish ingredients at the newly opened Grill it! Restaurant
20:00 Evening program: Photography workshop and wilderness skills
Learn how to photograph nature and the Northern Lights with Greentrek. Learn some wilderness skills and enjoy pancakes made on open fire. Duration ca. 3,5h. Dress warmly, you will spend some time outside 

Tuesday, September 12

Breakfast at the hotel & check-out
08:30 Lobby call 
Meet your host Ms Kirsi Vestenius at the lobby
09:00 Have a look at how elves live!
The village is a well-known attractive destination based on stories and mythology, filled with fun activities, a boutique hotel and special accommodation in glass-roofed Aurora Pyramids. Learn about plants and herbs, to craft like elves and make gingerbread cookies
11:00 Lunch at Elves Village Restaurant
12:00 Departure to Kittilä Airport
14:05 AY637 to Helsinki
Thank you for visiting, we hope to see you soon again!
15:25 Arrival at Helsinki Airport
18:30 Finnair flight AY121 from Helsinki to Delhi

Thank you for visiting Finland!


September 7, 2023
AY122 Delhi-Helsinki 07:40-14:15

September 9, 2023
AY 7001 Helsinki-Kittilä 07:00-8:20

September 12, 2023
AY 637 Kittilä-Helsinki 14:05-15:25
AY 121 Helsinki-Delhi 18:30-05:20 (+1)


Hotel Kämp

Design Hotel Levi

Follow the weather


Bring along

  • Comfortable outdoor walking shoes
  • Outdoor clothing (maybe also a cap and gloves)
  • Swimsuit for sauna
  • Happy mood


Sustainable Travel Finland

To help the travel professionals to make more sustainable choices when creating travel itineraries to Finland, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme. The programme is designed for tourism companies and destinations in Finland to systematically adapt sustainable practices. Companies and destinations that undergo the entire programme are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

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