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Welcome to Helsinki


We welcome you to join on our MATKA 2024 Fully Hosted Buyers' Program.

PROGRAM January 16 to 18, 2024

Matka 2024 Workshop and Trade Day

Tuesday, January 16

Flights with Finnair to Helsinki Airport

Individual transfers to Helsinki city centre and the partner hotels.
It is easy to take the airport train from Helsinki Airport to Helsinki Central Railway Station and from there tram to hotels. The required ticket is ABC.  Local train tickets can be purchased from HSL's mobile app, or from the ticket machine at the train platform. Timetables, tickets and fares for local trains and can be found on

Check-in to hotels:

Scandic Grand Central Helsinki (Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands MATKA Workshop only FHB participants)
Lilla Roberts 
Klaus K 
(Italy and Spain)
Hotel Haven (UK)

Dinner for MATKA 2024 Fully Hosted Buyers by partner hotels

MATKA 2024 FHB staying at Scandic Grand Central Helsinki
18:45 Meet Visit Finland representatives Ms Heli Saari and Ms Sara Snäll at the hotel lobby
A short walk (300 m) to Marski by Scandic
 Meet your Scandic Hotels dinner host Ms Jenni Saarinen, Leisure Sales Manager (tel: +358 40 700 0401) at the hotel lobby
Dinner at the restaurant Kuusi Palaa

MATKA 2024 FHB from Italy and Spain
18:55 Lobby call, meet your Visit Finland representatives Mr David Campano and Mr Marko Risku, Finnair representative Mr Jari Nuotio and your Strawberry host Mr Philip Cronstedt
19:00 Dinner hosted by Strawberry at Restaurant Toscanini 

MATKA 2024 FHB from France:
18:55 Lobby call, meet your Visit Finland and Finnair representatives Ms Sanna Tuononen, Mr Javier Roig and your Strawberry host Mr Anton Martikainen
19:00 Dinner hosted by Strawberry at Krog Roba.  

MATKA 2024 FHB from UK:
18:45 Lobby call, meet your Visit Finland and Finnair representatives Ms Caroline Beaton and Mr Anssi Partanen at Hotel Haven lobby
A short walk to Hotel Lilla Roberts
Meet your Strawberry host Ms Patricia Herlin at Krog Roba
19:00 Dinner hosted by Strawberry at Krog Roba


Wednesday, January 17

MATKA 2024 Workshop Day 

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfers by bus to Messukeskus
approx. at 07:45 Hotel Haven
approx. at 07:45 Lilla Roberts
approx. at 07:55 Hotel Klaus K
approx. at 08:00 Scandic Grand Central Helsinki

Program of the MATKA 2024 Workshop Day

Thursday, January 18

MATKA 2024 Trade Day

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfers by bus to Messukeskus
approx. at 08:00 Hotel Haven
approx. at 08:00 Lilla Roberts
approx. at 08:10 Hotel Klaus K
approx. at 08:15 Scandic Grand Central Helsinki

MATKA 2024 Trade Day

Lunch (lunch coupons will be given to you on Wednesday by your Visit Finland host)

Transfer by bus from Messukeskus to Helsinki Airport, one bus each hour until 17:30
No seat reservations, please leave on time for the bus transfers
Flights to home destinations

Thank you for visiting Finland!


Flights to and from Finland, accommodation (single occupancy) and meals are covered by Visit Finland, Finnair and Helsinki Partners during the event.

Flights with Finnair

16.1.2024 From home destinations to Helsinki
18.1.2024 From Helsinki to home destinations



January 16 to 18, 2024
Scandic Grand Central Helsinki
(Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands Workshop only Fully Hosted Buyers)
Klaus K (Spain & Italy)
Lilla Roberts (France)
Hotel Haven (UK & Ireland)

Follow the weather in Finland

Finnish Meteorological Institute 

Sustainable Travel Finland

Sustainable Travel Finland label will make it easier for travel trade and travellers to recognize a tourism company and destination that takes sustainability seriously. The label is only awarded for those companies and destinations that have undergone the entire Sustainable Travel Finland programme and fulfilled the criteria. The programme includes regular auditing and renewal of the label. Find sustainable travel options and STF labelled companies on

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