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Experiences by bike in Coastal Finland

Finland's archipelago has more than 180,000 islands running along much of the coastline making the region an island-hoppers dream. The sizes vary from larger populated islands to very small ones – some accessible by road and others by a ferry or a boat. Looking for the 'bubbling under' cycling destinations - try the Costal Route or Archipelago Trails. En route you will see interesting wooden architecture, beaches, small town events, cafés and village shops.

Day 1

Train from Helsinki to Ekenäs in Raasepori (2 hours)
Start you Coastal Route by biking from Ekenäs to Hanko (43 km)

Enjoy the idyllic wood houses in the centre of Ekenäs and Finland's oldest pedestrian street Kungsgatan as well as all the services the harbour has to offer. Hanko town with its highly-decorated villas and boulevards attracts visitor's to longer and shorter breaks and the sandy beaches appeal to sun worshippers. The route goes along the sea shore towards the picturesque Four Winds house, where you can have a well-deserved break with delicious pastries and breath taking views

Visit Ekenäs in 2 hours, join a guided tour of Historical King's Road, visit Örö fortress island or take a seal safari to the outer archipelago
Do - hire a bike and explore the region and admire the beautiful old villas 
Eat - local food and organic products of Raseborg, restaurants in Hanko
Accommodation in Hanko
Spend the night in a modern boutique hotel, a wooden villa or even a prison cell.  

Day 2

Take the morning boat from Hanko to Bengtskär and continue to Kasnäs in Kimito Islands (change of boat in Bengtskär)

Bengtskär is the mother, grandmother and godmother of all lighthouses. Bengtskär's dramatic history and rugged beauty will make a visit to the lighthouse an unforgettable experience. The lighthouse has a delicious, traditional archipelago kitchen, nice hosts and charming workers. If you visit one lighthouse in your life, visit Bengtskär

Visit - Lighthouse in Bengtskär, Rosala and Hitis islands in the footsteps of the Vikings
-  have fun in the beach or relax in Kasnäs Spa
Eat - Kasnäs Pavilion
Recommended accommodation
Kasnäs in Kimito 

Day 3

Coastal Route continues to city of Salo via Dalsbruk, Kimito and Mathildedal (90 km)

 The Kimito Island is a paradise for those who want to live an active outdoor life, enjoy the diverse culture and events or celebrate a festive occasion with your family and friends. Find peace in the quiet scenic landscape and inspiration from fascinating sights. The Coastal Route which joins the Teijo National Park with the Archipelago National Park is a top choise for cyclist. Kimito Islands is forests, lakes and seashores, red wooden cottages, sheep and manors. Experience the fantastic landscapes of the Kimito Islands, watch the birds and animals, and learn about the culture of the area

Visit old ironworks villages Mathildedal, Teijo and Kirjakkala in Salo region
Do -  get to know Kimito by bike
Eat - local delicacies in Kimito and Mathildedal
Recommended accommodation
Hotels in Mathildedal
Original Sokos Hotel Rikala in Salo
Hotel Fjalar in Salo  

Day 4

Train from Salo to Turku (35 min)
Finland's oldest town Turku, embark a voyage of discovery
Visit - Turku's Living Room - The Aura Riverside or a local home
Do - have a guided tour in Luostarinmäki Handicraft Museum, evening cruise with s/s Ukkopekka, try a little city ferry Föri
Eat - Hyvää ruokahalua - Bon appétit - Turku is "the restaurant capital" of Finland. 
Recommended accommodation in Turku
Hotel Kakola
Hotel Seaport
Ruissalo Spa
Sokos Hotels in Turku - Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa, Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone and Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund
Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel
Scandic Hotels in Turku - Scandic Hamburger Börs, Scandic Plaza Turku, Scandic Julia and Scandic Atrium 

Day 5 & 6

The Small Archipelago Trail is a roundtrip (120 km) and can be enjoyed equally in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Trail is a foodie's paradise, which runs through both uninhabited and inhabited island, small towns and rural villages
Visit  Naantali, Finland's most adorable small town with MoominworldVillage of Nagu has many restaurants, small boutique shops in the marina, a fieldstone church to visit. In Pargas, pay a visit to a sheepfarm Stenstorp and Art Bank, a unique fine arts gallery
Eat in Naantali and around, along the route in Pargas 
Recommended accommodation 
Naantali Spa 
Tammiston in Naantali  
Hotel Stallbacken Nagu in Nagu, Pargas  
Björkholms Cottages in Björkholm Island, Pargas  
Hotel Hyppeis Värdshus in Houtskär, Pargas

Brohure with Archipelago Metro Map ;-)

Trip back home is easily reached from Turku both by bus and train. There are even direct busses from Turku to Helsinki airport. Turku (TKU) also has an international airport with direct flights and onward connections to a wide variety of destinations. Four daily sailings connect Turku with Stockholm and the Åland islands. The operators are Viking Line and TallinkSilja


Route by bike approx. 270 km

Ekenäs-Hanko 43 km
Kasnäs-Mathildedal-Kirjakkala-Salo 105 km
The Small Archipelago Trail 120 km

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