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To develop and internationalize Finnish R&D networks

Ecosystem Integrator funding is suitable for SMEs and large companies that want to renew, develop, and internationalize Finnish R&D networks. The funding will help your company improve its capacity to develop networks, build ecosystems, and plan R&D activities in Finland, and integrate these into your company's global processes.

Ecosystem Integrator funding

The maximum amount of Ecosystem Integrator funding is €100,000. Funding from Business Finland covers 50% of the project costs, which can be no more than €300,000 in total. The funding is a non-repayable grant. We will pay SMEs 70% of the funding after the funding decision has been made and the remainder in connection with the submission of the final project report. For large companies, the full amount of the funding will be paid on completion of the final report.

Funding is discretionary and competed for. Not every company that meets the minimum criteria automatically receives funding. Business Finland always assesses each company's business as a whole when making a decision: its competitive advantage, strength of international networks, and added value to Finnish ecosystems, the team and adequacy of funding.

What is required from your company?
  • Secured total project funding
  • At least one full-time person in Finland to manage the project to be funded
  • Innovative solution with competitive advantage and a vision for growth
  • Significant ability and willingness to develop and reform Finnish R&D ecosystems and networks, and to integrate them with applicant's international innovation processes

Instructions for applying

Check de minimis funding

This funding is de minimis support. A company can receive de minimis support of up to a maximum of €300,000 in the current and three previous financial years. De minimis funding for Finnish companies belonging to the same group or controlled by the same party (e.g., by majority ownership or by contract) is added together.

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T&Cs of the funding

The terms and conditions of the funding describe  the costs that Business Finland can fund, how the project costs are monitored, and how the progress of the project is reported.

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Before applying

Secure your own funding for the project

The company must have secured sufficient funds for self-financing the project and other activities in Finland.

Contact our expert for advice

Janne Kari

Head of Industry, ICT & Digitalization
Invest in Finland, Business Finland
janne.kari (at )

Get these things in order

The applicant must be ready to provide Business Finland with a project plan for the project to be funded, showing the costs and allocation of the work packages to be implemented as part of the project.