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Arctic Seas

The program has ended!

Arctic Seas

The Arctic Seas program was implemented in 2014-2017. The program promoted the creation of new businesses in eco-efficient marine solutions and the sustainable use of marine resources.

The main business areas of the program were ship and marine, arctic and other maritime transport, offshore industry and environmental technology. The products and services generated by the program projects promote sustainable and eco-efficient business globally.

The spearhead areas of the program were

  • arctic and other logistics systems
  • energy and environmental technology
  • digitization


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Examples of Arctic Seas enterprise projects (pdf)



The Arctic Seas Program marked a leap to digitalization 

Rolls-Royce engages with Finnish suppliers  

One Sea – Autonomous maritime ecosystem gows

Ship recycling provides marine industries with new business


Further information 

Program Manager
+358 2950 55748

piia.moilanen (at)