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Witty City

The aim of the Witty City programme was to provide people with better living and working environments and companies with opportunities to bring new products and services on the market. Cities will play a key role in the programme as they are central players in such areas as planning, procurement and the choice of energy sources. 

There will be between three and six smart city pilot projects in different parts of Finland, which will allow programme partners to gain market experience and test new solutions. The pilot projects may involve such areas as local energy, use of open data in traffic and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

The development work will take place in real-life environments and will be a joint effort between users, companies and the public sector. The focus will be on embedding ICT-based services in everyday situations, such as mobility and energy use and on ensuring that the services are easy to use.

The aim of the programme was to secure projects worth about EUR 100 million, with about EUR 40 million coming from Tekes (now Business Finland).


Business Finland funded projects

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