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Call 16.2.-17.9.2024

Chips JU non-initiative Calls 2024

The Chips Joint Undertaking will reinforce the European semiconductor ecosystem and Europe's technological leadership.

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Kimmo Ahola
kimmo.ahola (at)

Chips JU was launched in November 2023. The goal of the joint undertaking is to strengthen the European semiconductor ecosystem and economic security. It manages an expected budget of nearly €11 billion by 2030, provided by the EU and participating states Business Finland has prepared to finance this call with 10 million euros.

Aim of the call

This instruction applies to the calls HORIZON-Chips-2024-1-IA and HORIZON-Chips 2024-2-RIA. Their content is described on the website of the joint undertaking, to which the link is below in the section Schedule.

National Business Finland funding complements Horizon Europe funding.


Companies and research organizations can participate in this call as part of an international consortium.

Please contact Business Finland representative before sending the pre-proposal. In addition to following the guidelines of the international call, the applicants and projects need to follow the Business Finland funding terms and guidelines which can be found in the Business Finland website.


The call is two-phased

  • Deadline for pre-proposal submission is 14.5.2024 at 17:00 Brussels time according to Chips JU instructions.
  • Deadline for full-proposal submission 17.9.2024 at 17:00 Brussels time according to Chips JU instructions.
  • The deadline for the national supplementary application is 1.10.2024 via Business Finland's online service.
  • The aim is to make funding decisions by the end of April 2025.
  • The projects will start in summer 2025.

Finnish project participants submit a separate application to Business Finland after the full-proposal submission phase. Application template: Research, Development and Piloting for companies, Co-Research for research organisations.

More information about the call and requirements

Business Finland's funding terms and conditions