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Helsinki, Finland 30 November, 6–9 PM

The Verge (Slush 2021 Side Event)

The event is fully booked – registration closed

PLEASE NOTE: Covid Certificate required from all the participants attending the event.


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For more information:

Mr. Karen Grigoryan
Head of Invest in Finland operations in Russia
Business Finland
karen.grigoryan (at)

Together with some of Finland’s regional development agencies, we are hosting a networking event for foreign companies, startups and investors visiting Finland during Slush 2021.

The evening will be hosted by Tomi Kaukinen – a serial entrepreneur who did not walk the usual way on his life-path, and who is not afraid of even the craziest of ideas. With a background from both the world of finance and scaling companies, Kaukinen has many stories to tell, like hiring the former director of Real Madrid to his company.

The evening will include a snapshot to different business and growth opportunities Finland is offering, inspiring discussions and networking – plus The Verge House Band will entertain the guests the whole night.

We are extremely happy to be hosting this event live on site and meeting you face to face, but we’re still following safety measures and are restricting the number of guests at the event. Please make sure to follow the health & safety instructions.

Organizations hosting the evening together with Business Finland: 

Helsinki Partners is the international trade and investment promotion agency for the capital of Finland. We help innovation-driven foreign companies to set up their business, grow, and develop in Helsinki. We provide our customers with tailor-made services, such as business info, tailored fact-finding tours, matchmaking, piloting opportunities, access to funding and soft landing services.

We focus our activities especially on (but not limited to) the following fields: ICT, Health, Smart & Clean technologies.

Enter Espoo helps companies, investors, and visitors to access business opportunities in Espoo's innovation ecosystem — the leading innovation hub in the Nordic countries.

We find the right services, startups, and technologies to support your business goals as well as reliable partners and locations. Our digital channels and platforms support our strong knowledge of and hands-on work in the ecosystems.

Helsinki Centre helps Russian entrepreneurs to find the best partners, the best location and the best personnel for establishing their business in Finland. We are a non-profit organization and we are collaborating with companies of any size and scale. We also work with many innovative startups in technology sectors: ICT & XR, Health & Medtech, Smart & Clean, Fintech. We are located in St. Petersburg and speak Russian.

NewCo Helsinki promotes our city’s entrepreneurial culture and startup activities. We provide both new and companies that have been operating for up to five years with comprehensive basic information, support measures and operating models for successful business. We also help startups to acquire financing, reach out to collaborative partners and create networks for internationalization.

The Turku region warmly welcomes new talents, companies and investments to Finland's most dynamic region which has a centuries-long tradition of developing and commercializing internationally significant products and services. We are particularly proud of our multidisciplinary approach, boldness and exceptionally strong community spirit between actors in the fields of business, academia and economic development, which forms a strong basis for entrepreneurship and innovation. Visit our homepage to find out more about us and the services for you!

Cursor, the Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company, has a successful 30-year history in producing business and development services. Its core tasks are to develop existing companies and start-ups, to get investments in the region and to support and develop tourism. Cursor has an active role in the region’s future development through regional and international development projects.

Kouvola innovation is the regional development company of Kouvola. We help foreign companies to establish their business, grow and succeed in our region. We provide solutions based on the needs of your company and offer all relocation services free of charge.

As Kouvola is the main railway hub between Finland and Russia, the city offers great opportunities especially for companies dependent on safe, efficient and climate-friendly logistics. Located between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Kouvola is your railgate to the world.

Mikkeli is the administrative and educational centre of South-Savo region locating 230 km north from Helsinki. Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd., a city-owned development company, offers a full range of location and business development services also in Russian language; most are free of charge. We are looking for innovative solutions and companies to support the strategical focus areas of the region as water, wood and food to utilize modern R&D facilities and networks in Mikkeli.

Easy location in the green and lively Lappeenranta region – Wirma Business Services is a non-profit department of the city of Lappeenranta. Our services include advice and support to startup companies and persons wishing to start a business as well as operating companies. Expanding or relocating business operations is an important step for a company and its success. We at Wirma will make sure relocating your company in Lappeenranta is as effortless and fast as possible. We provide individual support for companies from the first contact to the starting of operations. Lappeenranta has many growing sectors, for example in green technologies and ICT. Our campus area assures companies know-how and innovativity for future.

As a public utility of the City of Oulu, BusinessOulu is responsible for implementing the city's industry and employment policies by promoting activities for enterprise and employment in the region. BusinessOulu aims at creating a business climate that supports entrepreneurship and boosts the creation, operation, growth of business competition, which will, consequently, enhance the employment situation. BusinessOulu promotes the internationalisation of local companies and handles the international business marketing of Oulu. Our focus lays in the sectors of ICT, Life Sciences, Cleantech, Tourism, Trade and Services, Logistics, and Creative Industries. 

Joensuu is one of Finland’s most entrepreneurial cities with the highest density of students. It is also a home to the world’s largest forestry machinery factory, a globally renowned security and locking innovations company and a business cluster that serves the international pharmaceutical industry. Business Joensuu offers businesses a wide range of funding and growth services and a very easy relocation to Joensuu region.

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