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Webinar 17.8.2023

Business Opportunities in the French Industry 4.0 Market

17.8.2023 at 14.00-15.30 (EEST)

The webinar link will be sent to the registered participants by email.


Further information

Henriikka Yliheljo, Counsellor, Trade and Investments
Embassy of Finland
henriikka.yliheljo (at)

Xavier Riquier, Senior Advisor, Region Europe West
xavier.riquier (at)

Toni Mattila, Head of Sustainable Manufacturing Finland
toni.mattila (at)

Anna Nikkilä, Program Coordinator
anna.nikkila (at)

Are you considering targeting the French Industry 4.0 market? Join us on Thursday, August 17th for a webinar with our partner TOLSON in order to get insights on the French manufacturing sector and how to enter the French market.

France is currently investing significantly in the digitalization of industry. The country's ambitious 100 B€ recovery package strongly directs important investments towards reshoring and strengthening of industry, and digital technologies such as 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence are seen as important means to increase the competitiveness of French manufacturing industries.

During this 1h30 session, you will have the opportunity to learn about the organization and trends of the manufacturing sector in France, and the top Industry 4.0 priorities of French companies, especially:

  • Connected worker: bringing data in the hands of front-line workers, leveraging data visualization, mobility, low code, etc.
  • Digital process control: optimizing process and equipment usage, by using smart sensors, industrial networks, data analytics, etc.
  • Smart flows: rethinking lay out organization for additional performance and flexibility, with the implementation of cobots, mobile robots, 3D printing, etc.


  • Presentation of the manufacturing sector in France, and its priorities in terms of Industry 4.0
    • Key industries, regional sector focuses, networks, etc.
  • Key drivers of industry 4.0 in France
    • Priorities of manufacturing companies
    • Institutional priorities and current support programs for manufacturers
  • How to enter the French market
    • Direct entry strategies
    • Local support strategies
  • Presentation of the forthcoming delegation visit to France (fall 2023)
    • Delegation program includes factory visits and one-to-one meetings with potential French customers
  • Q&A session to TOLSON

We look forward to seeing you in the webinar!