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Online 26.9.2023

Business opportunities in the UK for chemical and steel industry

Time: 15.00–16.00 EET


Further Information

Janna Mure
Senior Advisor in the UK
janna.mure (at)

We welcome you to learn about the business opportunities in decarbonising the UK’s steel and chemical industry, the drivers and solutions needed in the market and the opportunities in this field for Finnish companies. The webinar is targeted for Finnish companies that have solutions to decarbonise steel and chemical industries and want to gain understanding about the overall situation and the market opportunities in the UK, and for everyone else interested in the subject.

Why the UK?

The UK government has set ambitious targets for achieving net zero emissions by 2050, putting pressure on the foundation industries responsible for 15% of the country's emissions. The steel and chemical sectors are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions because of their heavy reliance on fossil fuels and energy-intensive operations.

To achieve net zero in the steel industry, strategies involve enhancing energy efficiency and reducing steel consumption. Key technology pathways include utilising electric arc furnaces and recycled steel, adopting green hydrogen-based direct reduced iron, and implementing carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS).
The chemicals sector plays a vital role in the net zero economy, producing essential materials for renewable energy and transportation.

Collaborating with the government and adopting new technologies can bolster its contribution to achieving net zero. Promising advancements in hydrogen production, carbon capture, and electrification offer hope for significant decarbonisation in these sectors. Ongoing investment in research, supportive policies, and international collaboration are essential to fully unlock the potential of these technologies.


15.00–15.05 Opening of the webinar by Marika Ollaranta, Head of Decarbonizing Industries RRF
15.05–15.25 "Why the UK" by Janna Mure, Senior Advisor in the UK
15.25–15.50 Deep dive to the UK’s decarbonisation needs & opportunities by Colin Jones, Copernicus International Consulting
15.50–16.00 Q&A and next steps
16.00 End of the webinar