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Online 4.10.2023

Match Finnish decarbonization solutions with urban challenges in Spain

Wednesday 4.10.2023
14:00-15:15 (EET)


The session is held in English via MS Teams. Please register from the link below.

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Further information

Daria Mashkina 
Senior Advisor
daria.mashkina (at)

Business Finland enables collaboration between Madrid World Capital Cluster (MWCC) and Finnish companies and organizations, such as Smart City Innovation Cluster (SCIC), to provide urban solutions for smart, sustainable, and safe living environment for citizens.

Finland is one of the forerunners globally in terms of innovation and sustainability.
The Decarbonized Cities Program, launched by Business Finland, aims to create
an innovative ecosystem of solutions to export knowledge, in this case, for the development of Madrid Nuevo Norte (MNN), the most ambitious urban regeneration project in Europe post-pandemic.
By bringing together cutting-edge expertise as well as one of the best creation models of urban solutions, Finland and Madrid World Capital Cluster (MWCC) co-create world-class solutions for Smart and Sustainable Urban Development, to change the narrative of tomorrow’s cities.

Collaboration between Finland and Spain will allow the best solution providers to connect directly with challenge owners to solve challenges from cities, areas and companies.


  • 13:00 Welcome and Opening words by Business Finland
    • Brief introduction to the Decarbonized Cities program
    • Madrid World Capital Cluster
    • Smart City Innovation Cluster
  • 13:10 Business opportunities in the Madrid market
  • 13:30 Finnish innovative solutions for Smart Cities
  • 13:50 Presentation of upcoming activities
    • Two workshops 
    • Business delegation to Madrid in January 2024 
  • 14:00 Questions & answers