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Online 8 September 2023

Smart grids – flexibility in energy systems in Finland and France

Time: 10.00 a.m.12.00 a.m. EEST/ Finland (9.00 a.m.11.00 a.m. WEST/ Paris)

This webinar is held online via Teams. The link to join the webinar will be sent to people who have registered.


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Sari Toivonen
Senior Advisor, Invest in Finland
sari.toivonen (at)


Melinda Murail
Responsable Communication
Think Smartgrids
melinda.murail (at)

Business Finland, Think Smartgrids Association, Vaasa University and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences are organizing a webinar on flexibility in energy systems in Finland and France. The webinar aims to share experience and knowledge between Finnish R&D companies and French smart grid companies.


Moderator: Professor Marcelo Godoy Simoes, Vaasa University

Introduction: Presentation of the current work on flexibility of Vaasa Energy cluster and Vaasa University – massively integrating RE / Wind power
Professor Marcelo Godoy Simoes, Vaasa University

Reserve and power markets in Finland: the need and solutions for flexibility
Mikko Haapamäki, Fingrid

Technical solutions to manage flexibility
Antti Kostiainen, Hitachi Energy

Experience of a French company operating in the Finnish energy and power markets
Jerri Loikkanen, Neoen

Brief presentation of the work of Think Smartgrids' Flexibility WG
Régis Le Drézen, Think Smartgrids

Vision of the French TSO – current and future flexibility needs for the French power system and presentation of the study Energy pathways to 2050
Michel Bena, RTE

What Enedis is doing around flexibility, and the challenges for the future regarding low- or medium-voltage networks
Yves Barlier, Enedis

The role of aggregators in network balancing / use case for an industrial company with a RE production wishing to participate in the balancing mechanism
Jean-Charles Bollotte,  Energy Pool