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Webinar 5.9.2023

Health Tuesday: Orion, Bittium and Tietoevry leading the way to healthier future

Time: Tuesday 5.9.2023 at 8:00–9:00
Place: Teams-webinar


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Outi Tuovila
Ecosystem lead
outi.tuovila (at)

Laura Mustaniemi
Ecosystem lead
laura.mustaniemi (at)



Anniina Wäyrynen
Program coordinator
anniina.wayrynen (at)

Business Finland welcomes you to come hear from three selected Leading Companies (Veturi) how to resolve significant future health challenges and build related ecosystems.

We will hear three interesting presentations by Leading Companies in the health sector; Orion, Bittium and Tietoevry.

Orion is building a unique data and AI-based pharmaceutical research ecosystem in Finland in cooperation with other companies, research institutes and universities. The four-year ecosystem project Virtual Big Pharma aims to reduce the time needed to research and develop new innovative medicines by using artificial intelligence and improving data processing and analysis. Efficient and optimal data use can reduce the pharmaceutical research phase by up to three years compared with the current situation.

Bittium’s Seamless and Secure Connectivity program aims at enabling trustworthy, secure, and resilient end-to-end connectivity architectures and products including life-cycle services in various domains. First target of the program is to develop applicable 5G and beyond end-to-end digital infrastructures, systems and processes to achieve interoperable, seamless and secure connectivity and as a result cyber resilience for information security attacks. Second target is to advance creation of medical end-to-end diagnostics (life-cycle) solutions with help of software intensive and machine learning / artificial intelligence technologies and significant improvement of development models.

Tietoevry’s Veturi program (Building trusted societies) pursues accelerating the development of trusted technologies, developing Finland’s technological know-how and helping Finnish IT companies build globally scalable business value from responsible data-enabled platforms. As it pertains to healthcare Tietoevry focuses on utilizing data-driven analytics for health and social services, development of remote care, clinical pathway development and ecosystem orchestration.

Time will also be reserved for your questions. Register now to join the webinar in September.


8:00 Welcome words

8:05 Orion – Virtual Big Pharma
Julius Sipilä, Discovery Data Technology Lead, Orion Pharma

8:20 Bittium – Seamless and Secure Connectivity
Jussi Särkkä, D.Sc. (Tech.), Director, Ecosystem Development & Research

8:35 Tietoevry – Building a Trusted Digital Society
Petteri Mussalo, Head of R&D, Ph.D., Tietoevry Care, Insights & Transformations

8:50 Discussion

9:00 End

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