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Online 23.10.2023

Industrial Electrification as a global trend

Time: 15.00–16.00 EEST


Further Information

Zofia Stelmaszczyk
Global Opportunity Leader Energy & Built Environment
zofia.stelmaszczyk (at)


Marika Ollaranta
Head of Decarbonizing Industries, RRF
marika.ollaranta (at)

Business Finland’s Zero Carbon Mission invites Finnish companies to learn about industrial electrification. In this webinar Frost and Sullivan will give a deep dive to the topic. The webinar is targeted for Finnish companies that are interested in updating and increasing their understanding of the role of electrification in decarbonising of industries in a global perspective. Warmly welcome!

Industrial corporations are looking for new solutions that can reduce the use of fossil fuels or replace it totally. More and more focus goes into reducing emissions throughout the whole production process. Deploying electric solutions that are ultimately powered by low carbon generation will become attractive option when the market matures. Significant developments are expected in this market across the next decade, as the technology companies invest in R&D and product development.

In this webinar you will learn 

  • Why is industrial electrification so important and what is driving it
  • Which industrial sectors offer the greatest potential for electrification solutions
  • What are the key regional opportunities
  • How will electrification be achieved
  • What are the leading technology solutions
  • What additional opportunities could electrification generate for businesses


15.00–15.05 Opening words by Business Finland
15.05–15.45 Presentation about Industrial Electrification by Frost and Sullivan
15.45–16.00 Q&A
16.00 End of the webinar