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Webinar 14.12.2023

Irish healthcare system and digital health

Time: Thursday 14.12.2023 at 10:00–12:00 (Finnish time)
Place: Microsoft Teams webinar


Further information

Janna Mure
Senior Advisor
janna.mure (at)

Get familiar with the health system in the Republic of Ireland! With the help of this webinar and the related report aimed at Finnish health companies interested in the Irish market you will gain an understanding about the key players, industry clusters, networks, R&D hubs, and the innovation accelerators in Ireland. The focus of the webinar is on digital health and care.

Registration for the webinar is open and can be accessed on the left side of this page.

This webinar is arranged in collaboration with Ross McCarthy of Keystone Procurement and is aimed at Finnish companies.


10:00 Welcoming words – Janna Mure, Business Finland

10:05 Mapping the health market in Ireland – Ross McCarthy, Managing Director, Keystone Procurement

  • Major health projects, priorities, strategies and initiatives
  • Using data to segment the Irish market
  • Bid management considerations for Finnish companies
  • RDI hubs and ecosystems around Ireland
  • What innovation centres / programmes are looking for

11:00 An overview of digital healthcare in Ireland

  • The key challenges facing the Irish healthcare system
  • Priorities in the digital healthcare strategy

11:40 Finding your opportunity in Ireland

  • Mapping Irish gaps to Finnish strengths

12:00 End of webinar

Please note that the agenda is subject to changes.