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Teams webinar 23.11.2023

Mapping the UK metaverse opportunity

When: 23.11.2023 10.00 - 11.00 (Finnish time) 

Where: Teams Webinar


Further information

Roosa Korkala
Advisor, SMA, Europe
roosa.korkala (at)
+44 759 138 7623

Venni Metsäranta
Program Coordinator
venni.metsaranta (at)
+358 50 407 0305

Join us to learn more about the topic of metaverse in the UK.  

The United Kingdom is well-positioned to lead the metaverse revolution, benefiting from a robust technology sector and a history of innovation. The emergence of the metaverse is expected to bring exciting opportunities for Finnish businesses operating in the UK. Citi estimates the global value of the metaverse to reach USD 8-13 trillion by 2030, with significant impacts expected across various sectors in the UK, including eCommerce, gaming, entertainment, education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, virtual cities, social communities, concerts, and travel.

Business Finland together with Newfound Global invites you to a webinar that promises to be a gateway into the world of the UK Metaverse Industry – an emerging, transformative landscape of innovation and opportunity. This webinar is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and receive an extensive market research report on the UK Metaverse Industry.

Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of a game-changing industry. The Metaverse is poised to reshape the business landscape, and we want you to be part of this exciting journey.

To whom?

The metaverse is predicted to have a significant impact on the eCommerce, gaming and entertainment sectors. Other applications are expected to be education and training, healthcare, finance, smart manufacturing, virtual smart cities, virtual spaces/communities, and travel.

Speaker profiles

Project Director - Stephen Dunford

Stephen Dunford is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years of commercial experience driving growth and innovation globally, including APAC and The Americas. As a key Partner of Newfound, he leads the company's expansion consulting initiatives. Stephen guided the successful acquisition of Chirp by Sonos, he is currently serving as Chairman of Wolf Live. He also shares his expertise through mentoring entrepreneurs at Imperial College London. With a consistent record of building teams, achieving strategic goals, and aligning stakeholders, Stephen is a valued advisor and connector in the technology sector.

Director of Research - Dr George Windsor

George Windsor is a world-class data and research leader with expertise spanning the technology sector. As Director of Research and Intelligence at Notion Capital, he steers data strategy to inform investment decisions. George previously led the research division at Tech Nation, significantly expanding its commercial offerings. His passion for analytics was sparked while obtaining a PhD in highly skilled migration and entrepreneurship. With over 15 years experience leveraging data insights, strong partner relationships, and a nuanced understanding of tech innovation, George is a trusted voice on technology trends and data-driven growth opportunities

SVP Marketing & Customer Experience - Anders Hakfelt 

Anders has extensive experience in growing and transforming businesses, and is passionate about innovation and great customer experiences. Currently SVP Marketing & Customer Experience at Ultraleap. Using advanced AI and machine learning platforms we build the interface of the future with our world-leading hand tracking and haptic technologies. As a member of the executive management team, Anders is responsible for creating successful products and services and taking them to market. Anders has built and led the marketing, product and UX teams at Ultraleap, and is a driving force for the company's vision, strategy, and growth.


  • Overview of the Metaverse and its importance
  • Current State of the UK Metaverse Market
  • Main Market Segments and Emerging Trends
  • Market Entry Challenges and Enablers
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Identified End-Customers and Stakeholders
  • Opportunities for Finnish companies

Please read more information about the market opportunity.