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Online 16.6.2023

Cancelled: Materials and Supply Chains De-Risking

The event is cancelled

Online event on Friday, June 16th at 9:00-10:45 


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Satu Kalliokulju
satu.kalliokulju (at)

Interested in understanding how integrated Finnish sectors are in global value chains, how Finland’s dependencies on global value chains have changed over time and what the potential material-related challenges we are facing in the twin transition?

In this event, we are sharing the results of two related and future-oriented studies: Overcoming Material Related Challenges and Supply Chains on the Move:

  • Overcoming Material Related Challenges focuses on the impacts of geopolitical dependencies and the extent to which they may prevent the green and digital transitions in planned schedules, should we face new shocks or conflicts.

  • Supply Chains on the Move explores the development of Finland’s sectoral integration in global value chains; additionally, Finland’s position in global value chains and sectoral impacts are evaluated in selected potential scenarios.

This event will equip us to better understand which development paths these disruptions might create and how to successfully position Finland and Finnish companies in value chains going forward. We are hoping this event to facilitate further proactive collaborations among industry experts, policymakers, and researchers regarding Finland's position in rapidly changing trading environment.