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Hybrid 14.6.2023

Nordic F&B and Consumer Project

Time: Jun – Nov 2023
: Seoul, South Korea and Teams


Registration by June 30, 2023.



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Gloria Choi, Business Finland, South Korea
+82 10 2718 8998
gloria.choi (at)

Join Nordic F&B and Consumer Project in South Korea – Find buyers and get access to a large e-commerce channel.

Nordic F&B and Consumer Project is a half-year project for quick approach to Korea market with an e-commerce company that is the leading online retailer in South Korea and 1P Fresh grocery player globally. Business Finland will represent participating companies to get feedback and find buyers.

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Timeline for 2023

  1. Registration with required information.
  2. Business Finland will contact registered companies to schedule a virtual appointment.
  3. Shipping product samples to Business Finland Korea.
  4. Samples and information about the Finnish company delivered to the e-commerce company and potential buyers.
    - Testing day for products will be set according to the product category.
  5. Testing days with your samples at the e-commerce company, feedback given to each brand.
  6. Approach potential buyers with samples and feedback in Q2.
    - Online meetings between Finnish companies and buyers if needed.
  7. Export logistics from Finland to Korea and start the process with buyers in Q3.
  8. Register your products in the e-commerce company through your sales partner (distributor, buyer) by October the latest.
  9. Nordic Promotion (online by the e-commerce company) for a week for launching event in November.

Place: Seoul & Virtual

Registration period: June 14 – June 30
Early registration is preferred for you to find potential buyers and get market feedback.

Cost of Nordic Promotion: 1000€ + VAT/company
Charges only apply to companies that find importers and are ready to sell in the e-commerce company in November and can be considered as part of their marketing budget.


  • To promote Finnish products to Korean B2B customers through testing days and individual approach.
  • To generate business contacts, receive valuable feedback, and create business opportunities for Finnish food producers in South Korea.
  • To promote Finnish products to Korean end-consumers through Nordic sales promotion in the e-commerce company. 

To whom

  • Finnish commercial food products.
  • Finnish non-alcohol drink and beverages.
  • Finnish functional designed consumer products for home and kitchen.

Online promotion

In November, there will be a Nordic promotion week together with Sweden and Denmark to give impact for new launching brands at the e-commerce company.


South Korea is one of the largest F&B markets in Asia with high consumer purchasing power and a dynamic consumer market. In particular, Korean consumers buy the most groceries online, accounting for 19.7% of global e-commerce grocery market share and being the 4th largest overall online shopping market in the world.

Finnish F&B and consumer products have a favorable image of being premium, safe and high quality, matching well with the wellbeing trends that have seen demand for premium, healthy and organic food products, as well as functional and designed products.