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Online 29.5.2023

Introduction to Paracel Forestry Immersion September 2023 – Deep Dive To Client Needs

Time: Monday 29 May, 2023 at 15:30-17:00 (Finland) / 8:30-10:00 (Paraguay)


Venue: Teams


The webinar language is English.

Register by 28 May, 2023

Further Information

Mr. Matti Landin

Trade Commissioner, Business Finland

matti.landin (at)



Ms. Daphne Wang

Project Manager, Business Finland (at)

Paracel is world class green field pulp mill project designed for a capacity of 1.8 million tons of bleached eucalyptus Kraft cellulose per year, in the region of Concepción, Paraguay. The pulp mill will be supplied by internal eucalyptus plantations and local producers. Today it has more than 180,000 hectares of land, of which almost 100% of the hectares are suitable for plantation. These plantations will produce timber with a growth rate of 35 to 45 m3 per hectare per year and a six-year rotation.

Paracel and Team Finland invites Finnish companies to visit eucalyptus plantations in Paraguay, to meet Paracel Forestry management team and to propose technologies to Paracel and it’s leading Contractors to improve productivity. There is option to meet local representative candidates. The Immersion dates are Mon 18 - Thu 21, September 2023.

During the webinar 29 May, 2023 Paracel Forestry Director Mr Sergio Alipio will describe the Paracel Forestry plan, focus areas of solutions needed, local conditions and other requirements. Most timely needs of are in silviculture (soil preparation, planting, fertilizing, irrigation) remote inventory, planning and wood logistics. Later also fire prevention and harvesting and other Smart Forestry solutions are needed .


Time in Finland (Time in Paraguay)

  • 15:30 (8:30) Opening, Sakari Karppinen, Smart Forestry, Ecosystem Lead, Business Finland
  • 15:35 (8.35) Introduction to Paracel Forestry Immersion, Marcelo Guimaraes, Senior Advisor, IBI, Business Finland
  • 15:45 (8:45) Paracel Project – Forestry Plan, Needs, Local Conditions, Role of Contractors, Requirements for Suppliers, Invitation and Program in Paraguay Set 2023, Sergio Alipio, Director Forestry, Paracel
  • 16.10 (9:10) Q&A, Sergio Alipio, Team Finland Representatives
  • 16:35 (9:35) Team Finland Travel Plan, Cost, deadlines, Q&A by Lotta Eiroma, Project Manager, Delegations Business Finland
  • 16:55 (9:55) Closing, Sakari Karppinen
  • 17:00 (10:00) End of Webinar

The four day program in Concepción, Paraguay in September 2023

  • Day 1 & 2 –  the two day field program starts with the overview presentation of Paracel Forestry Planning, Operations and management and is followed by extensive field visits understand the challenging local conditions for forestry in silviculture (soil preparation, planting, fertilizing, irrigation), logistics, remote inventory, planning, fire prevention and harvesting. During the 2 day field visits there is very good opportunity time to discuss the needs and solutions with the Paracel Forestry management team members and leading contractors .
  • Day 3 – The third day is dedicated to individual 1,5 hour meetings with Paracel team(s) and Finnish suppliers to propose optimized solutions based on the field visits. The third day also includes individual meetings of the participating Finnish suppliers with the Leading contractors of Paracel to propose the and discuss the Finnish solutions.
  • Day 4 – For the fourth day, there is an option to participate meetings with potential local sales and technical representatives and system integrators of Paraguay. Fourth day has alternative program to visit local vocational School with potential to start training forest machinery operators and maintenance staff.

Welcome to learn more in webinar  29 May, 2023!