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Sweden 29.11.2023

Networking Event – Business and Cooperation in The Field of Low Carbon Built Environment, Sweden

Date: Wednesday 29 November 2023



  • 08:00-15-00 (UTC +1) Networking event
  • 16:00 - 18:00 (UTC +1) Reception, Residence of Finland in Sweden (separate invitation)


Venue: The Embassy of Finland in Sweden, Gärdesgatan 11, Stockholm, Sweden.


Fill out the form to apply to participate, final confirmation of participation will follow.


Kindly notice that participation is limited to max 10 companies and max 2 persons per company.


Eligibility check will be performed.


Deadline for registration 15 September 2023

Submit your application

Further Information 

Ms. Anna Öberg

Senior Advisor, Business Finland

anna.oberg (at)



Ms. Daphne Wang

Project Manager, Business Finland (at)

Business Finland’s Low-carbon built environment RRF program is inviting you to a networking event in Sweden on 29 November, 2023. The purpose of this networking event is to create good business collaboration opportunities for the Finnish companies who will get direct contacts in the Swedish market.

Participating in the networking event will be a unique opportunity for you to:

  1. Meet decision makers in Swedish companies in the real-estate sector including real-estate owners/developers, facility/property managers, architects and technical consultants. We expect a minimum of 50 representatives from Sweden.
  2. Showcase your products/solutions/services at an informal exhibition.
  3. Attend invitation only reception at the residence of Finland in Stockholm in the evening.

Your participation


The half-day seminar will consist of presentations by the Swedish real-estate sector and panel discussions from the Finnish and Swedish perspective. You will also hear about decarbonization of the built environment from the city government point of view. Drivers and needs in the market will be discussed. Topics include for example the EU taxonomy compliance in practice. Focus for this seminar is improving existing building stock and facility management.

*Please note that part of the seminar will be in Swedish.

Networking and one to one meeting

You will have ample opportunities to talk individually with the participants during the seminar’s three breaks.

  • Morning coffee/registration
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch break
  • One to one meeting

One to one meeting will be facilitated after lunch. As a participant from Finland, you will be provided with a schedule of pre-booked meetings depending on the interest*. Your company one-pager will be the tool to spark the interest of the participants.

*One to one meetings are not guaranteed but depending on the mutual interest.

Who should attend

The event is organized for Finnish companies having export solutions for low-carbon property management and want to pursue Sweden as a strategic market or partner. The participating companies should aim to improve the existing building stock and have products/solutions/services for

  • Energy efficiency and the optimization of energy use
  • Low carbon building materials for existing buildings
  • Digital design, construction, and operation processes
  • Data and tools for managing both the built environment lifecycle and smooth everyday life

Companies participating should be ready to provide relevant information about their environmental impact prior to the event.

  •  How does your solution help to achieve one or more of the six goals in the EU taxonomy?
  • What is the environmental handprint of your product/service/solution?

Swedish participants

Our goal is to fill the main hall at the Embassy of Finland with key decision-makers from Sweden’s real estate sector including real-estate owners/developers, facility/property managers, architects and technical consultants.

The whole event will focus on business opportunities and new connections. If you are interested in doing business in Sweden, this is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Participation fee

Each participant book and cover their own costs for travel, accommodation, etc.

Additional opportunities

Adjacent to the event companies who are interest may also use the opportunity to visit Building Sustainability on 30 November.

  • Date: 30.11.2023
  • Place: Clarion Hotel sign, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35

Please note that it´s up to each company to make their own arrangements for participation at their own expense.

Additional Materials