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Online 16.11.2023

Shipbuilding Industry in Spain

Date: Thursday 16 November, 2023 at 10:30-11:45 (Helsinki) // 9:30-10:45 (Madrid)


Venue: Teams

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Further Information

Mr. Guillermo Solano
Senior Advisor, Business Finland

guillermo.solano (at)

Ms. Daphne Wang
Project Manager, Delegations, Business Finland (at) 

Spain boasts a prominent shipbuilding and ship repair sector. This industry is primarily centered in key regions such as Galicia, Basque Country, and Andalusia. Spanish shipbuilding is dedicated to constructing a diverse array of vessels, encompassing fishing boats, cargo ships, ferries, and naval craft. Spanish shipyards have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and innovative design, positioning them competitively in the global shipbuilding arena.

Furthermore, Spain's ship repair industry is well-established, with numerous sizable shipyards providing a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services. These shipyards are equipped with modern facilities, including dry docks, slipways, and repair workshops, which facilitate a wide spectrum of repair and maintenance tasks. The Spanish government has proactively supported the development of both shipbuilding and ship repair by offering tax incentives and other forms of assistance to encourage investment in the sector.

Challenges in the Naval Industry include:

  • Training and developing highly qualified professionals.
  • Enhancing production processes for efficiency and technology integration.
  • Leveraging digital tools for competitive advantages.

Environmental commitment involves:

  • Using cleaner fuels.
  • Advancing systems for marine renewable energy and aquaculture.

Ensuring competitiveness requires:

  • Creating new professional profiles.
  • Attracting and retaining talent.
  • Streamlining industry regulations and procedures.

The EU RRF, through the national tool called “PERTE”, has created a specific plan for the naval industry based on public-private collaboration and focuses on transforming the shipbuilding industry's value chain. The key aspects of the project include diversification toward marine renewable energies and low-emission vessels, digitalization, improved environmental sustainability, and employee training. The total investment for this project is €1.46 billion, with €310 million from the public sector and €1.15 billion from private investment.

Preliminary agenda

  • Welcoming words, Ambassador Sari Rautio
  • Spain shipbuilding:
    • Outlook & Updates on Spanish shipbuilding companies and suppliers – APORTA
    • Presentation on shipyards, their orderbooks, decision making process and supplier network – APORTA
    • Invited association: ASIME. ASIME point of view on the Spanish naval industry
    • Information on governmental efforts that could pose an opportunity for Finnish companies – EU RRF (PERTE NAVAL)
  • Market access strategy and recommendations
  • Q&A


  • Víctor Fernández – Aporta Consultores
  • Lorena Riveiro - Communication & Marketing Director at ASIME

Opportunities for Finnish Companies

  • Diverse range of ships produced by Spanish shipyards;
  • High-tech elements are prevalent in Spanish-built ships. Opportunities for high end technology firms specializing in the naval sector;
  • Spanish shipyards have expertise in constructing ships with various propulsion methods, such as LNG and electric;
  • There is a need for specialized technology and methods in which they have less experience other than the ones they already are aware of.

In addition:

  • Shipyard development of infrastructure and facilities dedicated to offshore wind energy;
  • Some shipyards have built vessels specialized in harsh marine environments such as building ice-breaking tugboats.

Regarding orderbook, more than 50 big orders were placed during 4th quarter of 2022. Being the most relevant shipbuilders Navantia, Armón, Goldán, Murueta, Zamakona, Balenciaga and Freire. Most relevant projects are related to the navy first, then fishing vessels, live fish transport vessels and high-speed vessels. Also oceanographic

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

To seize the opportunity, we invite Finnish companies to reach out and discuss. 



  • Víctor Fernández – Aporta Consultores
  • Lorena Riveiro - Communication & Marketing Director at ASIME