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Thailand 16.-18.1.2024

Trade Mission to Thailand

Register for this visit no later than 31 October 2023!


Further information

Mr. Kai Tuorila
Counsellor, trade and investment, Team Finland, Embassy of Finland
+66 61 421 8382
kai.tuorila (at)


Ms. Marika Ollaranta

Head of Decarbonizing Industries, RRF, Business Finland
+358 50 480 4611


Ms. Päivi Mähönen
Manager, Delegations, Business Finland
+358 40 343 3468

firstname.lastname (at)

Business Finland’s Decarbonizing Industries campaign together with the Embassy of Finland in Thailand is organizing a trade mission to Thailand on 16 – 18 January, 2024.

Thailand's textile and apparel industries are going through a big transformation. The industry is trying to focus more on branding and value creation as they are not able to compete any more with cost driven market as in the past. The industry is very export driven, and increasing sustainability requirements e.g., from the EU market are forcing the Thai industry to transform themselves. While the textile industry in general is looking for circular solutions, large Thai companies have decarbonization high on the agenda, their net zero targets are more ambitious than the national ones.

Participating in the Trade mission will give a unique opportunity to meet relevant companies and potential partners from Thailand.

Who should attend? 

The visit is aimed at Finnish companies that have export solutions for textiles green transition and want to pursue Thailand as a strategic market or partner. The participating companies should have products/solutions/services for

  • energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy sources
  • textiles recycling (mechanical and chemical) process, technology providers
  • water treatment and recycling 
  • digital solutions
  • new innovative cellulose or waste based fibers, and environmentally friendly chemicals and chemical replacements 

Preliminary Program

Practicalities and participation fee

To cover the expenses of arranging the business delegation program, the organizers will charge a participation fee. 

  • Major Companies: 930 EUR + 24% VAT per person
  • Micro Businesses and SMEs: 800 EUR + 24% VAT per person

Business Finland will invoice the participation fee after the visit based on the actual costs. The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. Kindly note that the participation fee does not include flights or accommodation of the delegate nor meals outside the delegation program.