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Germany 1.3. - 30.6.2023

XR Activities in Germany 2023

Register for the activities no later than 3 March 2023. 


Further information

Melanie Krautwald
, Senior Advisor, Region Europe Central
melanie.krautwald (at)

Anna Ganss
, Advisor, Region Europe Central
anna.ganss (at)


Ms. Lotta Eiroma
, Manager, Delegations
lotta.eiroma (at)

Are you interested in participating in XR opportunities?

Business Finland is offering a Group activity for Finnish XR-related companies in Germany!

Traditionally, German industry is characterized by its industrial ‘Mittelstand’ companies that are world market leaders in niche goods. These companies must remain competitive through constant innovation. Consequently, they provide immense potential for AR/VR.

Use cases in those fields are for example the German Army (Bundeswehr) that extended its recruiting strategy by start using the Metaverse for employer branding purposes: Prospective applicants can visit their booth in Decentralland, watch a trailer for their new webseries and earn a limited NFT wearable. Siemens Energy uses digital twins to support the anticipatory maintenance work of power plants reducing downtime and save operators 1.7 M USD per annum.

Finnish companies have disruptive solutions to offer along the value chain and across industry applications.

Business Finland will offer Finnish companies a package for business development activities in the German market between March and June 2023 consisting of:

  • A market analysis of the German speaking markets
  • A pitch training in Helsinki
  • An online meet-the-buyer event with our local partner to get in touch with suitable partners in Germany
  • Participation in XR Week in Stuttgart June 15-16, 2023 which is expecting to attract more than 800 visitors. The event also includes an exhibition which consisted of approx. 50 exhibitors in the past year. We consider offering a joint Finland booth accompanying a pitch session as part of the official XR Week program.

The participation fee of the activity series will not exceed 1250€ for major companies and 1060€ for micro & small companies for the full package (the final price depends on the number of participating companies). The minimum number of participating companies is 4.