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Dhaka 8.-10.10.2024

Team Finland visit to Bangladesh

Register for this visit no later than 2 August 2024!


Gitta Perez
Director, Middle East & India, Business Finland
+91 858 882 1940

Dharmesh Sharan
Senior Advisor, Business Finland India
+91 989 910 1589

Päivi Mähönen
Manager, Delegations, Business Finland
+358 40 343 3468


Team Finland network is organising a Business Delegation visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh, led by the Under Secretary of State (International Trade) Mr. Jarno Syrjälä. This visit, focusing on key sectors including textile industry, and ICT & smart infrastructure, under the umbrella of smart solutions and sustainability, is aimed at Finnish companies interested in exploring the growing market opportunities that Bangladesh has to offer. 

Bangladesh is poised to become the 9th largest consumer market by 2030, with a vastly growing middle class and a youthful workforce — 62% under 35 — fueling its economic engines. Its investment appeal is underscored by its steady economic growth, maintaining around a 7% uplift despite global headwinds. Bangladesh is on a fast track to digitalization, manifested by a 25% rise in digital payments and one of the world’s lowest data costs. Its textile industry is moving towards eco-friendly production, and the ICT sector is rapidly expanding, capitalizing on the innovation drive.

These factors, combined with the demographic potential and strategic location, and the benefits deriving from trade agreements as an LDC (Least Developed Country), herald Bangladesh as an untapped market laden with opportunities for discerning investors. Moreover, the new EU-Bangladesh Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, the negotiations starting shortly, is expected to pave the way for increasing collaboration over the coming years. ​ 
Bangladesh has the 3rd biggest textile industry in the world largely exporting their readymade garments to Europe. There are plenty of market opportunities around transformation to circular textile value chain like recycling of textile-waste, waste-water treatment, textile treatment without harmful chemicals, etc. 

As the country is going through an infrastructural and green transformation, modern technology and adequate foreign investments are required. Bangladesh's IT industry is growing rapidly, mainly represented by software development, BPO services, and e-commerce. The industry revenue lies in software and application development, including various software products.
With national roadmaps such as Vision 2041 and Delta Plan 2100 Bangladesh is striving to be a developed country by the year 2041 with harnessing the opportunities of its geographical location by the sea. The upcoming rapid development of the shipping and ports sector will offer market leverage for green and smart infrastructure & EPC solutions. This includes any technologies for improving efficiency of both port operations/logistics and on-ward inland transportation systems, logistics and supply chain optimization, cargo movement tracking and for inland waterways any solutions for passenger and cargo terminals and dredging.

Who should attend?

Finnish companies interested in the Bangladesh market and wanting to enter the market, or Finnish companies already operating in the Bangladesh market and wanting to expand the operations. The companies should have their focus on textile industry, and ICT & smart infrastructure offering solutions to e.g. textile recycling, waste to fibre, waste-water recycling, smart & sustainable construction, digital and/or physical infrastructure.

Practicalities & Participation fee

To cover the expenses of arranging the business delegation program, Business Finland will charge a participation fee.

  • Micro businesses and SMEs: EUR 1350 + 25% VAT per person
  • Major companies: EUR 1550 + 25% VAT per person

Business Finland will invoice the participation fee after the visit based on the actual costs. The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. Kindly note that the participation fee does not include flights or accommodation of the delegate nor meals outside the delegation program.

Kindly note that the visit is carried out if at least 7 companies are registered.