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Australia & South Korea 12.-13.9. & 23.-26.9.2024

Trade missions with focus on hydrogen and derivatives value chains to Australia and South Korea

Register for the visit at the latest by 31 May, 2024


Further information


Ms. Birgit Tegethoff
Senior Advisor (Energy, Bioeconomy, General Market Advice), Sydney
+61 410 250 806 (+7h time difference from Finland)

South Korea
Ms. Emma Lee
Senior Advisor (Bio&Circular, Cleantech, General Market Advice), Seoul
+82 10 5115 2076 (+6h time difference from Finland)


Ms. Erna Kare
Project Manager, Delegations, Business Finland
+358 50 511 4502

Business Finland is organizing a Trade Missions to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 12-13 September 2024 and to Seoul, South Korea on 23-26 September 2024. The delegation would present a significant opportunity for collaboration and exploration of synergies between these countries, with a focus on hydrogen and derivatives value chains.

Strategic Trade Relationships: Australia has established itself as a key player in the global hydrogen market, with strong trade relationships with North Asia, including South Korea. The visit would emphasize the potential for Finland to integrate into these well-established networks, leveraging existing partnerships for hydrogen and clean energy projects.

Hydrogen Economy Leadership: South Korea's leadership in the hydrogen economy, including its ambitious Hydrogen Economy Roadmap and significant investments in hydrogen infrastructure and technology, offers Finland an opportunity to engage with advanced hydrogen initiatives and learn from South Korea's experiences.

Collaboration on Green Initiatives: Australia's focus on becoming a clean energy superpower, utilizing its renewable resources for hydrogen production, aligns with Finland's sustainability goals. Collaborative projects could support the decarbonization efforts of both countries, contributing to their emissions reduction targets.

Technology and Investment Opportunities: South Korea is looking towards international collaborations to secure hydrogen supplies and advance fuel cell technologies. Finland's participation could facilitate technology exchange, joint research, and attract investments in clean energy projects.

Enhanced Energy Security: The collaboration can enhance energy security for South Korea by diversifying their energy sources and supply chains through potential hydrogen imports from Australia, supported by Finland's technology and expertise.

Business Finland provides market advice and support in relations building in Australia and South Korea. This delegation is embedded in the activity plan under the Hydrogen and Batteries Program which facilitates companies' approach and international partnerships. Please see the current Market Opportunity for Australia and for South Korea.


In Australia, the program on September 12-13 will include attendance in the Asia – Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhbition 2024, and delegates will be able to participate in a Finnish Hydrogen Spotlight seminar, networking with project developers, state government, regulators, industry associations, etc. as well as attend the conference and exhibition. Note that a separate registration is required and the exhibition visitor pass is free of charge and the summit access pass is USD 2.890 - 15% discount for delegation members (discount code will be provided later on). More information on the registration here.

Prior to the visit, on September 10-11 the delegates may join the optional program in Brisbane, where delegates can opt-in to participate in a Queensland State Government organized site visit program (tbc - details will only be available in June/July).

In South Korea, the program on September 23-26 will include attendance in the H2 MEET 2024 Exhibition & Conference – H2 Mobility Energy Environment Technology. The agenda features conference sessions, a dedicated Finland Country Day session to showcase Finland’s innovative solutions, a networking dinner, and meeting opportunities with exhibitors from over 20 countries. Additionally, there will be group or individual visits to major stakeholders in the hydrogen industry in South Korea. This mission will provide an excellent platform for gaining insights into South Korea’s advanced hydrogen sector and exploring potential business collaborations. No fees apply for attending the exhibition.

Preliminary program

Who should attend?

The visit is aimed for Finnish companies that offer technologies and solutions for/including: electrolysis, Biogas to hydrogen production, Steel blast furnace gas to hydrogen production, CCUS technologies, Liquefaction technologies, Hydrogen/Ammonia co-generation technologies, Biogas upgrading technologies, Ammonia cracking, High efficiency fuel cell systems and fuel cell supporting technologies, Material (including hydrogen) handling and heavy-duty equipment such as hydrogen compressors, dispensers, etc.


To cover the costs of arranging the visits to Australia and South Korea, Business Finland will charge a participation fee. The participation fee has been divided per country and it is possible to choose in which country(ies) you would like to participate in, through the registration.

To cover the expenses of arranging the visit to Australia during 12-13 September 2024, Business Finland will charge a participation fee.

  • Micro businesses and SMEs: EUR 1020 + VAT per person
  • Major companies: EUR 1200 + VAT per person

To cover the expenses of arranging the visit to South Korea during 23-26 September 2024, Business Finland will charge a participation fee.

  • Micro businesses and SMEs: EUR 1445 + VAT per person
  • Major companies: EUR 1700 + VAT per person

Business Finland will invoice the participation fee after the visit based on the actual costs. The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. Kindly note that the participation fee