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Online 5.3.2024

Insights into the US Market for Retail Software

Focusing on Sustainability-Driven Technology


Date: Tuesday 5 March, 2024 at 16:00-17:00 (EET) // 9:00-10:00 (EST)


Venue: Teams

Register by 4 March

Further information

Ms. Elina Fahlgren
Senior Advisor

Business Finland New York, USA
elina.fahlgren (at)



Ms. Daphne Wang

Project Manager, Delegations

Business Finland (at)

Join us to learn how to leverage sustainability as a business advantage in the US online retail sector.

This session will explore market opportunities, provide insights into the value chain, discuss barriers for entry and provide inspiration for how to launch in the US. With the webinar registration you can apply for coaching with Philip Nobel, and you will get a copy of our report US market for software to accelerate sustainability in retail.


This webinar will explore

  • US retail environment
  • How US retailers are responding to sustainability
  • Examples of how US retailers use software to accelerate sustainability
  • Winning elements of a US strategy for retail tech companies


  • Philip Nobel, Consultant, previously Co-founder & CEO of Findify, 11 years with Procter & Gamble