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Stockholm 19.10.2023

Food from Finland PR event in Stockholm in October

Time: October 19, 2023 (TBC, October 18 also an option)
Place: Stockholm

Registration by August 31st


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Vilma Rissanen, Business Finland, Stockholm
vilma.rissanen (at)

Food from Finland is arranging a PR event in Stockholm for Swedish food, lifestyle and business journalists and influencers. In addition to a Finland inspired food cooked by a Finnish chef, food for thought on innovation, sustainability and modern Finnish food will be on the menu, served by innovative Finnish companies.

We are now inviting companies to join us at the event. The event is targeting Finnish food and beverage companies that area already established in the Swedish market, forerunners in sustainability and innovation, and represent modern Finnish food and beverage industry.

Participation if free of charge, but participating companies are expected to contribute in terms of content for the event (speakers, PR material), product samples and products/ingredients to the menu, if suitable. Business Finland do not cover any costs related to event participation, such as travel or accommodation.
The final date and the location of the event are still to be confirmed, but the plan is to arrange the event either on October 18th or 19th 2023.

Registration for the Finnish companies closes on August 31st, 2023. Please note that we have a limited number of places for Finnish participants. Furthermore, the participating companies need to meet the requirements described above.