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News 07.12.2020

AI Computing Grant accelerates product development

Finnish companies can benefit from CSC – IT Center for Science's computing capacity as part of their AI Business program’s project.

AI Computing Grant is available for a significant, computing intensive AI research project which is funded by Business Finland, if computing costs of the research project exceed EUR 20.000. The funding is targeted for micro, small and medium sized companies. The maximum value of a computing grant is EUR 80 000. AI computing grant can be applied together with R&D funding or later as a project change.

 - The LUMI super computer by the EuroHPC consortia will start its operations in Kajaani, Finland next year. In order to ensure that Finnish companies can benefit from it, Business Finland has collaborated with CSC to make significantly more computing capacity available already in the research phase. All this will result in more competitive global products and services in the near future, tells Head of AI Business Outi Keski-Äijö from Business Finland.

Improved global competitive edge

Tampere-based Neuro Event Labs uses CSC computing capabilities to train multiple models, which use video and audio-based biomarker extractions in epilepsy diagnostics and beyond.

 - The benefits of the Computing Grant for us is faster and more efficient model training and verification loop, says CEO Kaapo Annala.

Helsinki-based company Speechly has developed a real-time spoken language understanding SaaS service first in the world. Speechly's voice-control technology enables clients to speed-up service and product experience up to ten times. This saves money and improves both conversion and retention. With their Computing Grant project the company is looking for new competitive edge against big technology brands like Google, Apple and Amazon.

 - The Computing Grant project enables much faster deep neural network based speech recognition and spoken language understanding model teaching. It is awesome how the Finnish startup ecosystem can support companies in numerous effective and creative ways, says founding partner and CEO Otto Söderlund.

Further information

Outi Keski-Äijö
Head of AI Business
outi.keski-aijo (at)
+358 50 5577 663

Aki Ylönen
Senior Advisor
aki.ylonen (at)
+358 50 3952 603

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