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News 21.09.2022

Bringing Finnish packaging solutions to the global stage

The global demand for new, highly innovative packaging solutions grows at a steady pace.

This emphasizes particularly the sustainability in the packaging design as well as biodegradability and recyclability of the materials. The demand growth encompasses all the key market players from brands to consumers, from governments to lawmakers.

Join in answering the demand by presenting your company in the Innovative and Sustainable Packaging from Finland offering. This provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase your innovative and sustainable solutions to the key market stakeholders globally. The offering is used by Business Finland's Global Network experts and other Team Finland actors, the Foreign Ministry, and the Finnish embassies to promote your solutions to the high-level actors in all major markets.

In the offering your company will be presented with a one-pager - for reference, please see the Future Hospitals from Finland offering. Please, take a look at the instructions first and submit your material via the link below by 28.9.2022, thank you. Participating is free of charge and does not oblige you to any future actions.

Submit your material by 28.9.

Further information

The offering is produced by Business Finland, Bio and Circular Finland program. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Heidi Kokki
heidi.kokki (at)

Questions on submitting the material
Virpi Martikainen
virpi.martikainen (at)
+358 50 436 5544.