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News 22.03.2022

Finnish solutions for future hospitals – Now available

As an aftermath of the current pandemic, number of health care systems and hospitals are undergoing reconstruction and upgrades in the coming years. In some parts of Europe due to RRF (Recovery & resilience facility) funding, an unseen investment wave bridging healthcare sector gaps has been initiated.

Nordics are known for their leading hospitals and state of the art clinical expertise, and Finland has a long-standing commitment to deliver high-value care to their citizens. We are especially proud of our industry's strong expertise in the health technology, data analytics and our capacities in engineering. In order to display cutting-edge Finnish solutions related to future hospitals, Business Finland has collected an extensive brochure highlighting the Finnish strengths.

The reader is introduced to the entire chain from designing and building hospitals, into applying the latest medical technologies and running sustainable hospital operations, into providing hospital-like care at the safety of patients' own home.

"Future Hospitals from Finland brochure presents expertise related to future-proof hospitals, which are sustainable, digital and innovative. It introduces the Finnish ecosystem contributing into the continuous innovation and improvement in the health sector.

Finnish health technology is already widely used globally, from medical equipment such as operating room equipment in the world's leading Nordic hospitals, to advanced AI based analysis tools applied by American hospital clinics.

We hope this brochure will inspire to new international dialogue, partnerships and collaboration for securing resilient and sustainable health systems for the future," says Terhi Rasmussen, Global Opportunity Leader, Health & Wellbeing from Business Finland.

The Future Hospitals from Finland brochure presents more than one hundred truly innovative Finnish solutions supporting the building and operations of future hospitals, divided into nine sub-categories from design and planning, to running of operations, and home-based hospital care.

The Future Hospitals from Finland

This brochure is prepared by Business Finland. Interested in being featured in the next edition? Please contact Anniina Wäyrynen.

For Finnish companies looking for business opportunities in the field of health & wellbeing, please visit Market Opportunities service.

Further information

Terhi Rasmussen
Global Opportunity Leader Health & Wellbeing
terhi.rasmussen (at)

Anniina Wäyrynen
Project Coordinator
RRF Health & Wellbeing
anniina.wayrynen (at)