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News 24.01.2023

Finland to host Michelin Star Revelation Event for the first time

Photo: Jarno Terho

Michelin Guide has given Turku the opportunity to host the world’s most famous culinary event in the summer of 2023: the annual Michelin Star Revelation for the Nordic Countries.

Michelin Guide announces the new Michelin Stars for Nordic restaurants in an annual Michelin Star Revelation Event for Nordic Countries. In 2023, for the first time, this event is hosted in Finland, by the culinary city of Turku. The event will be held together with Business Finland at the Logomo venue on Monday, 12 June 

 "For the first time we have chosen Finland and the beautiful city of Turku to host our annual award ceremony. This is a true recognition for local and national food culture and heritage. Turku offers the perfect setting to celebrate the richness and boldness of the whole Nordic gastronomic scene” says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides.  

The Revelation of the Michelin Stars is the world’s most famous culinary event, and the Michelin Stars are the restaurant industry’s most coveted and prized honours. In addition to the Michelin Stars, Michelin Green Stars and special professional awards will be announced.   

 "Food is an essential part of travelling, and culinary experiences have gradually become more and more important factors in choosing a destination. Local cuisine can offer unforgettable experiences. We have some amazing food destinations in Finland, such as Turku, but up until now our lively culinary culture and the high quality of our food haven’t been very well recognized internationally. Hosting the Michelin event here in Finland is a fantastic opportunity to further our goal to build an even stronger image of our country as a food destination," says Kristiina Hietasaari, the director of Visit Finland.  

Turku, the city chosen to announce the Michelin Stars, has built its position as an interesting culinary city with long-term determination and commitment.  

 "We have arrived here thanks to the excellent cooperation of various actors. As we step into the spotlight as the top destination of Nordic gastronomy, we are proud to present our national and local food culture to a group of very significant guests," says Turku mayor Minna Arve.   

A tribute to Finnish and Turku food culture  

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland are included in the annual The Michelin Guide Nordic Countries. There are a total of 255 restaurants in the 2022 edition of the Nordic guide, 74 of which have a Star. In Finland today, there are eight Michelin Star restaurants: seven in Helsinki and one in Turku, where restaurant Kaskis received its first Michelin Star in the summer of 2022.  

Several Michelin Star revelation events are held annually all over the world, and in the past the Nordic events have been hosted in Stavanger, Trondheim, and Århus, among other cities. As the event is brought to Finland for the very first time, it will gather hundreds of guests, including chefs from top Scandinavian restaurants and international media. Finland and Turku are going to appear among the most prestigious of food destinations, and the publicity value is expected to be significant. This, in turn, supports Finland’s image and can eventually have a positive impact on food exports.  

 "It is wonderful to finally get the Nordic revelation event to Finland. Finnish foods and beverages have received numerous international prizes before, and now we get much-needed recognition for our food culture as well. We can be extremely proud of Finnish food, drinks, and the quality of our restaurants, which emphasize authentic flavours, pure nature, safe and healthy ingredients – served with a pinch of Northern exoticism," says Esa Wrang, director of Food from Finland program at Business Finland.  


The partners of The Michelin Star Revelation Event for the Nordic Countries are Michelin Nordic Countries, City of Turku, and Business Finland (Visit Finland, Food from Finland). Michelin Guide Nordic Countries is a part of the global Michelin Tyre Public Ltd company.

Business Finland and Visit Finland promote the internationalization of companies, tourism, and investments into Finland. Business Finland’s Food from Finland program concentrates on developing and growing the Finnish food industry and promoting exports by branded, high value products and services.