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News 27.06.2023

Business Finland and European Union partnership funding opportunity Driving Urban Transition (DUT) – New call will be launched preliminary on 3.7.2023

The DUT Partnership steps up the game to tackle urban challenges. The purpose of this call is to support transnational research and/or innovation projects addressing urban challenges to help cities in their transition towards a more sustainable economy and functioning.

The challenges are grouped into three themes called Transition Pathways:

  • 15-Minute City (15mC)
    • Mobility and Planning Policies for Proximity-oriented Developments
    • Empower People for Urban Mobility Transitions
  • Positive Energy Districts (PED)
    • Urban Regeneration and Refurbishment
    • Enabling Systems for Local Energy Transitions: Collaboration and Sustainable Investment
  • Circular Urban Economies (CUE)
    • The Built Environment as a Resource Base
    • Knowledge and optimization of resources flows between urban and rural areas
    • Planning and Designing urban areas with Nature: Towards a Regenerative Urbanism

More information regarding the call will be launched preliminary 3.7.2023 on the DUT Partnership website.

Each proposal must involve, at least, three partners from three countries eligible for funding by their respective national/regional Funding Agency. The Call is opened to a wide range of scientific disciplines and welcomes interdisciplinary approaches. It intends to support a large range of activities, from research to innovation and implementation. The added value of transnational collaboration should be clearly stated.

DUT Call 2023 is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe Partnership scheme. The call is also part of the MICall 2022 to contribute the Urban Transition Mission of Mission Innovation.

Visit the DUT Partnership website

Further information

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