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News 15.05.2023

Representatives of Madrid Nuevo Norte visited Finland

Mr. Jose Luis Moreno Casas, Director of the Office for Madrid Nuevo Norte, had a a key-note speech at Business Finland's Decarbonized Cities Program kick-off in April.

Representatives of Madrid Nuevo Norte, the largest urban development project in Europe, visited Finland on 17-20 April 2023. The visit was a success both for the Spanish delegation and the Finnish counterparts.

The program for representatives of Madrid Nuevo Norte (MNN) included a meeting at the Ministry of Economy and Employment with Ilona Lundström, Director General, a key-note speech at BF’s Decarbonized cities kick-off, meetings with several Finnish companies, tour in Kalasatama, a full day in Tampere, half a day in Espoo at VTT together with the city of Espoo and more.

The visit was a success both for the Spanish delegation and the Finnish counterparts. The cooperation between Business Finland Spain, the Decarbonized Cities Program, the delegations team, the ministry, VTT, City of Tampere, Finnish companies and others worked really well and smoothly. It was clear for everyone involved that the MNN project has a lot of potential for Finnish companies, especially in digitalization, carbon neutrality, and green transition and that their visit to Finland was an opportunity not to be missed.

This visit truly was an example on how well things turn out when the potential is clear, everyone cooperates, understands the importance and is on the same page.

Business Finland Spain has developed a good relationship with MNN over the last couple of years. This visit was another milestone in fostering that relationship.

The total investment for the development of Madrid Nuevo Norte is 11.1 B€. The purchase of properties will add private investment to that figure, for a total cost associated with the Madrid Nuevo Norte project of 25.2 B€. The work in getting Finnish companies involved in the business opportunities within MNN continues in Spain and in Finland.

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