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Release 19.08.2022

First China-Finland energy cooperation demonstration project launches in Guangzhou

Chinese and Finnish representatives participated in the commencement ceremony of Guangzhou Nansha "Multiple in One" Micro – Energy Grid Demonstration Project.

Business Finland invigorating bilateral cooperation towards China's carbon goals

Guangzhou – August 17, 2022 – Guangzhou Nansha "Multiple in One" Micro – Energy Grid Demonstration Project is launched today in Nansha District, Guangzhou. It is the first China-Finland energy cooperation demonstration project implemented based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM) and China's National Energy Administration (NEA) signed in June 2017. Since the MoU was signed, Business Finland has played a vital role coordinating alongside Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute in creating a vibrant platform that promotes effective international exchange of expertise throughout the business matching process, as well as in forming an expert advisory panel. The project has profound implications for envisioning a future powered by sustainable energy sources. It is a milestone in energy generation leveraging Finnish innovation and technologies, and ushers in a new era in China's fast-moving Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which targets to be a demonstration region aligned with the nation's dual carbon goals.

Opening speech by Hu Fan, Vice Board Chairman of Guangdong Power Grid, CSG

Ann-Mari Kemell, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment delivers speech

Under contracts signed with Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, three Finnish energy companies – Convion, Savosolar and Heliostorage – are providing cutting-edge technologies, industry expertise and scalable facilities to realize a well-distributed, flexible and clean energy system that can generate stable and safer energy compared to traditional centralized systems. Using a geothermal storage solution and a solar thermal heating system, the project enables clean energy production and seasonal thermal energy storage for more efficient energy utilization. Located in the Greater Bay Area – a region at the forefront of China's reform and opening-up and an important engine propelling the country's green development – the project marks a significant step in the construction of a modern energy system, a key energy goal in China's 14th Five-Year Plan. The project also signals the start of a new testing ground that will help break new boundaries and open more possibilities in energy generation, expediting China's transition into a green economy.

At the commencement ceremony attended by representatives from NEA and Guangdong Provincial and Municipal Governments, Marko Tiesmäki, Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Finland in Beijing and Greater China Country Director of Business Finland, said: "The success of this project sets a new milestone in China-Finland bilateral energy cooperation. It is also a good demonstration of pragmatic work and close corporations supported by cordial friendship and a true win-win spirit between the parties."

"Business Finland is engaged in promoting trade between Finland and China. Energy is one of our focus areas of cooperation. The three participating Finnish companies in the project are excellent examples of strong green and smart energy technology offerings we have in Finland. We are eager to continue to work together with our Chinese partners to find opportunities for mutual cooperation, and work with China to build a future where the supply of energy is friendly to the climate, and a good life is at reach for as many people as possible," added Tiesmäki.

Representatives from the three Finnish companies also participated in the commencement ceremony. Erkko Fontell, CEO of Convion, said: "The cooperation between Finland and China has been very fruitful. In the project, we delivered our C60 power units designed for highly efficient power generation with combined heat and power capability. Both of these features are being utilized in the project to achieve maximum energy efficiency. We look forward to supporting the successful demonstration and further deployment in China."

Jari Varjotie, CEO of Savosolar, said: "It has been our pleasure to be part of this visionary micro-grid and green energy project by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, which utilizes our world's most efficient large-scale solar heat energy system as a part of their system. This project could serve as a role model for rapidly developing even larger and impactful advanced green energy systems in China and we look forward to assisting this in any possible ways."

Mathias Nylund, China Operations Manager of Heliostorage, said: "We are very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this first project in China. The global pandemic has provided challenges in both communication and the actual building on-site in Guangzhou, but together we found new solutions to make it work. We believe China's huge demand for clean energy makes it an ideal market for our solution, and we look forward to continued collaboration."

On August 18, Business Finland and Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute will co-organize the China-Finland Smart Energy (Guangzhou) Forum, where close to 10 Finnish companies will participate and explore further collaboration in renewables in the Greater Bay Area. As coordinator of the demonstration project, Business Finland remains committed to fostering closer ties between China and Finland, and to capitalizing on the potential for continued collaboration between the two countries in the discovery of synergistic solutions for global energy transition and other areas crucial to our future. 

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