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Release 02.05.2024

Digital Resilience program launched – New global competitive edge from comprehensive digital security

Business Finland launches a new program, Digital Resilience, which aims to put Finnish digital security companies at world’s forefront with ground-breaking products and services. The program, which will run for almost five years, will provide around EUR 100 million in innovation funding and internationalization services.

Rapidly evolving digital technologies such as quantum computing and generative artificial intelligence bring not only unprecedented business opportunities but also new threats. In particular, the rapid development of highly interconnected digital technologies poses challenges to the security of societies and critical infrastructures.

The changing geopolitical landscape and the hybrid threats it brings will create instability between states, in international trade and in public safety. Europe's need for sovereignty in cybersecurity and defence has increased. Finland's NATO membership opens up new opportunities and channels for international business and in especially important global RDI cooperation with like-minded countries.

The market for digital defence technologies and societal security solutions offers almost unlimited opportunities for Finnish research organizations and companies. The global market for cybersecurity alone will triple by 2030 compared to the beginning of the year. Finland's export industry needs more efficiently commercialized innovations and products. For instance, solutions for quantum-safe cryptology were supported and funded by Business Finland's Digital Trust Finland program, which ended early this year. These activities need to be continued.

Innovative solutions and cooperation for international security

Launched in April 2024, the Digital Resilience program will run until the end of 2028. The program aims to ensure that Finnish companies and research organizations have created new digital solutions that deliver security and business continuity internationally for the defence sector, areas of critical infrastructures and public safety. Finnish companies have effectively integrated into European and international business and research networks, including NATO countries.

The program's main customer groups are cybersecurity, digital defence and critical communications companies and research organizations. Innovative ICT companies with solutions for comprehensive security and resilience, for example through dual-use technologies (e.g. situational awareness solutions), will also play a significant role.

The Digital Resilience program aims to increase Finland’s RDI activities, competitiveness and exports of digital defence and security ecosystems and SMEs and growth companies. Cooperation with stakeholders, including regional and national actors and organizations, will be particularly important.

Focused services create new growth paths

The program helps customers to find suitable partners and encourages synergistic collaboration, supported by Business Finland's RDI funding services for leading companies, SME and growth companies. Internationalization will be accelerated through event and delegation services and the creation of new offerings. Communication on European networks and projects (e.g. European Defense Fund, Horizon Europe) and NATO opportunities will be an important part of the program's services.

The program operations will start immediately upon launch. Program launch event for customers, interest groups and media will be organized on May 21st. 

The program supports Business Finland's Digital Native Finland mission objectives, such as increasing productivity through digitalization.

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Further information

Kirsi Kokko
Head of Digital Resilience
Business Finland
+358 50 5502 023
kirsi.kokko (at)