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North Karelia and Arctic Lakeland



This fam trip will head North from Joensuu. The landskape will change more hilly, but we are still in the Lakeland region. The trip will start from Koli Hill, the National Landskape of Finland by the lake Pielinen. On Saturday we will reach the Arctic Lakeland in Kuhmo and later the Arctic Giant in Paltamo.


WEDNESDAY 30.8.2023

Flights from home destinations to Finland
Arrival in Helsinki/Joensuu
Accommodation at Helsinki Airport Hotel/Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel


(Morning flight to Joensuu, transfer by bus to the hotel)
Breakfast at the hotel
09:00-12:00 Joensuu excursion
13:30 Lunch at Hotel Kimmel for buyers and suppliers
15:00-18:00 Workshop in the conference centre of Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
19:00 Get together dinner at Hotel Kimmel

Friday 1.9.2023

Breakfast at the hotel
Meet your tour leader Ms Reeta Vihavainen from Finland DMC, tel +358 40 583 1665 at the hotel lobby
 Transportation by bus from Joensuu to Koli
Break Sokos Hotel Koli is located in the picturesque Koli National Park, close to the peaks of Koli. The view from the hotel towards Pielinen seems to continue forever and ever, and the sky is breathtakingly close. You will feel relaxed simply by admiring the view. Where else can you put your hiking shoes on and head to various hiking routes directly from the hotel yard? In the evening, you can dip into gentle hot tubs at the scenic Koli Relax Spa and admire the view from its outdoor pools.
10:30 Experience Koli National Park, hiking to the top of Ukko Koli
When you take in the marvellous view over Lake Pielinen from the top of Ukko-Koli hill, it's easy to see why this spot has attracted so many Finnish artists, photographers and nature-lovers over the centuries. The splendid scenery always instills a sense of serenity and wonder in visitors. Koli's hills and lakes provide fine settings for enjoyable outings and activities at any time of year. Suitable for visitors of all ages and conditions all year. Partly accessible.
13:00 Lunch at Break Sokos Hotel Koli
Check-in to Break Sokos Hotel Koli
15:00 Marival, Cruise on Lake Pielinen
In summer 2023 M/S Marival takes you on scenic cruises on Lake Pielinen, from Koli harbour to Vuonislahti. Cruises on M/S Marival II are a perfect way to spend a summer day and see the beautiful Koli landscapes from the steep hillsides of Koli to the idyllic rural lake shores of Vuonislahti village. On board, the services from the cafe, bar and restaurant compliment your refreshing day on the lake. Cruises start on the 1st June and run until 17th September. There are several departures daily.
17:30 Visit to Koli Relax Spa 
Unique Koli Relax Spa is located downstairs Break Sokos Hotel Koli, offering relaxation and a wonderful landscape. Enjoy the sauna, hot tub or the outdoor pool under the starlit night sky. The view opening up towards Pielinen is breathtakingly close.
20:00 Dinner at Restaurant Kolin Ryynänen

Saturday 2.9.2023

Breakfast at Break Sokos Hotel Koli
09:00 Check-out 
Transportation from Koli to Kuhmo
Visit to Sokos Hotel Bomba
Bomba House is a copy of a house built in Suojärvi, Russian Karelia. The original house was built by Jegor Bombin in 1855 for his son Dimitri Jegorov and it was built using long round logs. The original house had 27 rooms and you could even ride in with a horse.
After the Second World War the house was decided to be re-built to Bomba, Nurmes. This beautiful building represents traditional Karelian style architecture with its surrounding Karelian village. The building has a Restaurant Bomba, café and small boutiques. Welcome to visit the Bomba House and explore more of the Karelian history of the area!

Ms Jaana Keränen from Wild Taiga, tel +358 50 5920 505 will be hosting you through Arctic Lakeland
 Visit to Hotel Kalevala and lunch
Surrounded by ancient forests and crystal clear lakes, Hotel Kalevala is nestled in a true nature wonderland. With nothing but unspoilt nature as far as the eye can see, Kuhmo is perfect for wilderness and activity adventures. Hotel Kalevala is popular with adult clients, far from the hustle and bustle and noises of the cities. 
Hotel Kalevala is a unique, small, private lakeside hotel only 3 km from Kuhmo centre. The idea for the building originates from an eagle spreading its wings to rise into the air. The special silhouette and concrete casting technique are distinctive. Building work was completed in 1989 and is a protected building by The Finnish National Board of Antiquities. The complex is designed to look like a huge wooden fortress in ancient times and includes old and new elements.
16:00 Transportation by bus from Hotel Kalevala to Arctic Giant
18:00 Check-in to Arctic Giant  
Feel free as a bird as you arrive at the hilltop and enter the Arctic Giant. The Arctic Giant is a mystical world of forest spirits and other magical creatures, located on the high Kivesvaara hill in Paltamo. Arctic Giant is a family business from Kainuu region, that offers experiential accommodation, restaurant and safari services high on the top of Kivesvaara hill.
19:00 Dinner at Arctic Giant, Restaurant Makuhelmi, Robber's roast experience
Delicacies à la giants, prepared with a big heart, a handful of love and a pinch of gentleness. We love nature and all of its flavours. The rosvopaisti, Robber's Roast Experience, is a work of art by the biggest and strongest of the Kivesvaara giants, Wäki-Turila, combining anticipation, atmosphere and enjoyment. The rosvopaisti is an old traditional technique, where meat is cooked slowly and carefully outdoors under the shelter of a pit, giving it a charming flavour which is all its own. We will collect the mushrooms, berries and herbs we need as raw materials from nature. In every dish, you can taste the pure and invigorating flavours of the local food, with a touch of Kainuu, Arctic Lakeland. Tar is one of our favourite flavours. It is used to finish both savoury and sweet treats.
After dinner there's time to enjoy sauna in your own Bird House Cabin and admire Northern lights as nights are already dark enough for those to be seen.

Sunday 3.9.2023

08:00 Breakfast at Arctic Giant
09:00 Site-inspection to the surrounding area with an E-Fatbike tour
10:00 Check-out from Bird Houses and Giant Super soup
11:30 Transportation (2h) to Oulu Airport
14.30 Flight from Oulu to home destinations via Helsinki

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August 30 to September 1
Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel

September 1 to 2
Break Sokos Hotel Koli

September 2 to 3
Arctic Giant

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Bring along

  • Comfortable and weatherproof outdoor clothing (including good walking shoes)
  • Swimming suit for Sauna
  • Happy mood

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