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August 17 to 21, 2023


Thursday, August 17 

Departures from home destinations
Arrivals at Helsinki Airport
Meet your Visit Finland host Ms Sara Snäll at the gate to Rovaniemi at Helsinki Airport
Departure AY 535 from Helsinki 
17:15 Arrival at Rovaniemi Airport
Welcome to Rovaniemi! 
You are warmly welcome to our small lively town on the Arctic Circle (66°33′45.9′′). Rovaniemi is a central hub to regional destinations and the airport is one of Finland's most international airports. There are many reasons to love Rovaniemi – spellbinding nature and light phenomena, Lappish traditions and culture, urban life and wild activities make the Official Hometown of Santa Claus a unique place to visit all year round.
Check-in Arctic TreeHouse Hotel which offers the luxury comfort on the Arctic Circle in the midst of the forest, next to SantaPark.
A warm, wooden interior highlights the exclusive Scandinavian design of the suits that combines local tradition and Lappish heritage. Lavish views to the surrounding forest and Northern skies open up from the panoramic window.
19:30 Welcoming dinner at Rakas hosted by Arctic TreeHouse Hotel
Rakas Restaurant & Bar charms with its unique ambiance and menu of meals made from local ingredients prepared with a modern twist. As you sit by the summer terace or beneath the pine cone lamps, the delicious flavors will create out-of-the- ordinary and divinely tasty moments 

Friday, August 18

Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 Meet your local host in hotel lobby
As Lapland's capital city, Rovaniemi is a fantastic hub for the arts, science, and culture. To get a grasp of local and regional history and culture, the definite places to start is the museum and arctic science centre Arktikum. We will begin the day with the guided tour in museum and science center Arktikum , which highlights the most important facts about Lapland and the Arctic area.
The distances are short in city centre of Rovaniemi, so let's have a nice day walk from Arktikum to Korundi (1 km).
Lapland has a vibrant art scene, and Korundi The house of culture houses the inspiring collection of the most influential Finnish contemporary art in the old post bus deposit building. Korundi is home to Rovaniemi Art Museum and world-class Lapland Chamber Orchestra. Guided tour (30min) in @korundihouse will lead us to Northern stories told by various methods of art.
13:00 Lunch at Korundi
Korundi Kitchen & Café, has become a locals favourite lunch place as it's ample buffet fuses northern ingredients with warm spices of the world. Let's taste the flavours of fresh culture buffet.
14:30 There are long traditions of making arts and handicrafts out of local materials like wood and reindeer antler in Lapland.
We will familiarize with the local handicraft workshop & home of Mrs Irene and Ari Kangasniemi. This talented couple is deeply involved nurturing the traditions of Lapland.
17:30 Bear's Den for Finnish Dinner & Sauna experience
At Bear ́s Den the untamed wilderness is all around you. This legendary log cabin offers it's tender care just for you!
Sauna & Dinner - Let's enjoy a traditional sauna evening Sauna bathing is part of the Finnish identity just as essentially as rye bread is part of the customary diet. Sauna bathing does not only clean the body but also purifies the mind. The basic sauna ritual is the same as it always was: warming up, sweating, taking löyly vapour and whisking, washing and cooling off.

Saturday, August 19

Breakfast at the hotel, check-out
In the morning we head to one of the best husky kennels in Finland to learn about the huskies' life in summer time. Alaskan huskies that live in Bearhill Husky kennel come with amazing abilities. We will join a guided tour in this modern husky kennel and get to know the life of a husky. The huskies love attention and you'll get a chance to interact with them as we go for a walk in private forest and shoreline. 
12:30 A cosy lunch at Street-bistro Roka located in the heart of Rovaniemi next to the central sport stadium known as a "reindeer eye" on Rovaniemi's city plan, which actully has the shape of reindeer head.
Roka serves street food made from the finest ingredients, chock-full of authentic & original flavors and accompanied with refreshing and sophisticated beverages.
15:00 Check-in Vaattunki Wilderness Resort  which is located on the shores of Raudanjoki River and at the gateway to the Arctic Circle Hiking Area.
This tranquil and peaceful setting allows you to unwind, de-stress and be at one with the nature. There are ample opportunities to explore the natural surroundings, with several hiking trails starting from the resort area offering great photo spots all year round.
Possibility to enjoy sauna at 17.00 – 19.00.
One of the most Finnish happiness things is sit by the fire in Arctic forests and feel the smoky heat of the campfire, combined with the fresh aromas of the forest, when the Northern wind freely roams the forests.
Our cosy day will end with the relaxing dinner prepared by the open fire at Vaattunki Wilderness Resort's Kota. 

Sunday, August 20

Breakfast at the hotel
Free time to explore more the trail possibilities of Arctic Circle Hiking Area, which is like a miniature wilderness. For example, there is an accessible track of 1,5km or 10 km Könkäiden polku trail to be experienced according to your own interest and condition. 
12:00 Let's meet each other and the guides of Safartica
Let's have an easy hike on wooden path among the trees to discover the beautiful Lappish nature. We will cross the bridge of Vaattunki and see the powerful rapids running. We will find nice photo spots during the hike and learn more about the nature around you.
We will end our nice hike with a coffee ceremony: did you know that Finns are consuming an average of 9 kg of roasted coffee per person, per year? Get a touch of this coffee culture, with a cup of coffee cooked on fire and accompanied by a "pulla" (a very typical pastry).
Have a great experience with your senses "touch the trees, smell the firewood, taste the coffee, listen to the silence and admire the beauty of the surroundings".
Possibility to enjoy sauna 16.00 – 18.00
In the early evening (app. 18.00) it's time to head by mini van to a wilderness lake, where you will enjoy outdoor dinner and have a possibility to try wilderness lake floating. The idea is to let your mind and body float wearing rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry, and at the same time you can view the dark sky for the Northern Lights. Floating is truly a meditating experience; you don't even need to know to swim. 

Monday, August 21

Breakfast at the hotel, check-out
10:00 Meet  your local host at the hotel lobby
Before going to the airport we will stop for a short visit to Santa Claus Village which is Lapland's best-known attraction. We will have once in a lifetime memory together when crossing the iconic Arctic Circle line, the latitude that runs 66°33′45.9′′ north of the Equator. And we will meet Santa Claus in his very own office and hear how Santa Claus is spending his summer evenings. Santa Claus is an ambassador of goodwill, love and peace, and he wishes nothing but happiness to the people of the world. We Rovaniemi people believe that Christmas is a state of mind.
There are several other activities available like meeting the reindeer and meeting the huskies, and sending post cards from Santa Claus' Main Post Office. Also sweet and charming Mrs Santa Claus has her Christmas Cottage to be visited.
Santa Claus Village is also a place for good shopping as well-known Finnish brands like Iittala, Marimekko and Pentik have their stores in the attraction. Other smaller souvenir shops are offering wide range of Christmas decorations and other mementos from Lapland.
12:30 Transfer to Rovaniemi airport
14:15 Departure to Helsinki with AY534, Farewell Rovaniemi!
15:30 Arrival at Helsinki Airport
Flights to home destinations

Thank you for visiting Finland!


Thursday 17.8.2023
to Rovaniemi via Helsinki

Monday 21.8.2023 
To home destinations via Helsinki


Arctic TreeHouse

Vaattunki Wilderness Resort

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Bring along

  • Comfortable and weatherproof outdoor clothing
    (including good walking shoes)
  • Swimming suit for Sauna
  • Happy mood

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