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Business Finland promotes sustainable economic growth, the competitiveness of companies, and sustainability.

Our goals

Business Finland creates prosperity and well-being for Finland by accelerating the sustainable growth of companies globally. We are developing Finland into the most attractive and competitive innovation environment in the world, as well as the most attractive investment and tourism destination.

We want our customers to be globally thriving companies, developers of new sustainable solutions and operations, and bold reformers of business.

We promote collaboration between companies and research groups, so that new endeavors can develop into international business ecosystems.

We provide funding, internationalization services, information, guidance, and networks for different stages of business. We operate as part of the Team Finland network, and direct our customers towards the services of the most suitable Team Finland partner, as necessary.


Our customers and services

Business Finland's funding and internationalization services are primarily intended for companies that seek bold business growth and renewal and are registered in Finland. Our customers also include research organizations and other public actors that cooperate with companies.
Some of our services, such as the energy aid, are also suitable for companies operating in the Finnish market. Most often, however, companies operating only in the Finnish market or still in the very early stages of internationalization benefit more from the services of the ELY Centres, for example, than those of Business Finland.
Our digital information services are available for free use on our website.

Business Finland's service portfolio is open to all companies, but innovation funding and the expert services for international growth, in particular, have criteria that limit the allocation of services. These services are primarily intended for customers who have sufficient resources of their own and a competitive advantage for international business, versatile expertise, and a desire to develop their business globally.
We can best help you when you share your plans with us in advance. Therefore, we recommend that new customers start from the customer survey available on our Become a customer page. This will streamline access to services and ensure that time is not wasted on applying for a financial service that is unsuitable for the company, for example.

Go to the become a customer page

How we operate

We want to ensure that our customers receive the most suitable services for their business needs at every stage. We do not offer our entire service portfolio from the beginning; instead, we expand our services as the company achieves its own business goals in international growth. 

At the beginning of the customer relationship, we determine, together with the company, the international growth challenges that the company must address, its opportunities to grow its business in international markets, and the reasons why the company needs Business Finland’s help.

With this information, we can guide the company further in the manner most suitable for it.

We continuously develop our operations, services, and digital channels together with our customers. Our operations are also regularly evaluated.